Faculty Stats: On This Page You'll Find the Answers to the Following Questions

  • What's the student to faculty ratio?
  • How many faculty actually teach classes?
  • How much does this college rely on adjuncts?

Are You a Self-Starter? Good, Because the Student to Faculty Ratio Here is Low

Ashford University, with 21 students for every one instructional faculty member, ranks among the lowest in comparison to the national average of 15:1. This indicates that the number of students split between the same faculty is much higher than normal, and could mean students will experience larger class sizes and less opportunities to connect with professors, especially in introductory courses.

How Many of The People Who Work at This School Actually Teach Classes?

The following table shows all the employees the school considers instructional, and therefore, part of the above student-to-faculty ratio. These include both those employees designated as either "primarily instructional" or as "instructional combined with research/public service". It does not include employees that have been designated by Ashford University as primarily performing research or public service.

TotalFull TimePart TimePercent Full Time
Total of Instructional Employees3,5811353,4463.8%
  Total of Those With Faculty Status3,5811353,4463.8%
    Tenured Faculty----
    Non-Tenured Faculty, on Tenure Track----
    Not on Tenure Track / No Tenure System3,5811353,4463.8%
  Without Faculty Status----
  Graduate Assistants18-18-

This College has a Below Average Amount of Full-Time Teachers

Ashford University's use of full-time instructors ranks among the nation's lowest, with only 4.0% of instructors teaching on a full-time basis.

No Tenure: Teachers Here Really Like to Live on the Edge (of Unemployment)

This school does not have a tenure system and so we are unable to call out the number of 'adjuncts' due to all teachers being considered non-tenure track. This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the school. We encourage you to understand this topic more deeply, and how the colleges you are interested in approach faculty hiring. It's your education and your money on the line. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting for it.

Keep an Eye Out for Grad Assistants Teaching Classes

Ashford University has 18 instructional graduate assistants that teach or provide teaching-related duties. This could range from entirely teaching lower-level courses themselves, to assisting professors by developing teaching materials, preparing or giving exams and grading student work. We suggest you ask the college to what extent graduate assistants are relied on for teaching, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Additional Questions to Ask

  • How available are professors to meet with students outside of class? Do faculty members collaborate with students on research or other projects?
  • Does the college provide academic advice or career counseling to students? How is your academic advisor determined, and what is the process for changing advisors?
  • Are you applying internationally? Does the college have a department for international students to help you with the application and transition process?

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