How Many Students Make it Through this Crazy Machine of Learning?

At Kansas State University, 3,074 undergraduates were scheduled to complete their degree in 2013. Did they? Let's find out...

Be Nice to Your Fellow Freshmen – You Will Probably See Them Next Year

With 80.0% of students making it past their freshman year, Kansas State University has freshman retention rates above the national average of 69.4%.

The following information is based off of data for students who were "Full Time Undergraduate Degree Seekers". Out of the 19,853 undergraduate students at Kansas State University, this group of 17,634 represents about 89%.

If this demographic does not represent you, then you might want to ask Kansas State University about graduation rates for other more appropriate groups of students.

Plan on Getting to the Graduation Stage Early – it Could Get Crowded

With rates of 27.1% and 58.5% for on-time (two or four years depending on the degree) graduations and overall graduation rates, respectively, Kansas State University does an average job of graduating its students on-time and an above average job at graduating students overall.

Based on the caliber of students that attend Kansas State University we would have expected an overall graduation rate of 62.0%. This is on par with the actual rate at which the college graduates students and suggests that Kansas State University is performing on average when the previous academic achievement of students is factored in.

Graduating From College Isn't for Everyone. The Majority of Non-Grads at this School Dropped Out.

41.5% of students at Kansas State University failed to graduate within 150% of the expected time. The majority did so because they dropped out.

Questions You Need to Ask

  • The majority of students take more than the "expected time" to graduate. Have you factored this into your college budget?
  • You may not think you will transfer, but a lot of students do. How easy is it to transfer credits from this college? Will you end up having to retake classes?

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