Graduation and Retention Rates: Find Out if Anyone Sticks Around

At Radford University, 1,730 undergraduates where scheduled to complete their degree in 2012. Did they? Let's find out...

Average Freshman Retention Rate

With 74.0% of students making it past their freshman year, Radford University has freshman retention rates similar to the national average of 69.4%.

Hey, Looky Here. People Seem to be Actually Graduating From This Place.

Radford University performs above average at graduating its students on all fronts, posting an on-time (two or four years depending on the degree) and overall graduation rate of 42.2% and 60.1% respectively.

Based on the caliber of students that attend Radford University we would expect a graduation rate of 48.5%, however, students are graduating at a rate that is 11.6% higher. Therefore, Radford University is performing above average at graduating students, based upon those students' anticipated academic achievement in college.

Graduating From College Isn't for Everyone. The Majority of Non-Grads at this School Dropped Out.

39.9% of students at Radford University failed to graduate within 150% of the expected time. The majority did so because they dropped out.

Questions You Need to Ask

  • The majority of students take more than the "expected time" to graduate. Have you factored this into your college budget?
  • You may not think you will transfer, but a lot of students do. How easy is it to transfer credits from this college? Will you end up having to retake classes?

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