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  • What's the student to faculty (instructor) ratio?
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  • How many students stay beyond their freshmen year and graduate on time?

Faculty Resources

The 1,019 undergraduate students at Stillman College are taught by a total of 53 instructional staff. Adjusting these numbers to account for those with part-time status results in "full time equivalent" (FTE) counts. Using these FTE counts for students and staff results in a "student to instructor" ratio of 19 to 1. This places Stillman College among the worst in terms of instructional attention.

For every instructor (FTE) at Stillman College, there are 19 undergraduate students (FTE). This is among the worst in terms of instructional attention.
The vast majority of the instructors ( 100.0% ) are full-time.
The vast majority of instructors ( 100.0% ) are "faculty" rather than "lecturers".
The vast majority of the faculty ( 100.0% ) are full-time.
A slim percentage of the faculty ( 2.0% ) are adjuncts (not in the tenure system).

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Popular Majors: See if Anyone Else Shares Your Weird Interests

Stillman College offers 14 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 14 majors within 13 broad fields of study. Across all fields of study, Stillman College awarded 137 undergraduate degrees in 2013 - 2014.

Most Popular MajorsAssociates GraduationsBachelors GraduationsAll Graduations
Business Administration & Management03232
Biology, General03131
Health and Physical Education/Fitness02121
General Psychology01111

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