2017 General Agriculture Degree Buying Guide

Best Value General Agriculture Colleges in the Great Plains Region for 2017

Listed here you'll find the top colleges offering General Agriculture degrees in the Great Plains region for your budget. General Agriculture students made up 146 of the Great Plains region's graduates in 2015. These graduates will go on to make about $36,161 starting out and $62,142 mid-career. Starting and mid-career pay are a few of many factors that go into determining the best value General Agriculture schools of the Great Plains region.

Find a quality and affordable option to study General Agriculture in the Great Plains region.

To find out more about these and other factors behind the best value rankings, review the ranking methodology.

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Truman State University is one of the finest schools in the United States for General Agriculture.  This is a great selection for students who opt for the charms of a simple college town. 

Around 6.0% of Truman State applicants send their SAT scores, which average around 1,239.  Around 95.0% of applicants send ACT scores, with the standard score in the 27 range.  Find each of the essential details on Truman State by checking out their scorecard

It's hard to beat Northwest Missouri State University if you wish to study General Agriculture.  Graduates of the agriculture program make around $34,573 in their early career salary, and $66,360 in their mid-career salary.  Students who enjoy a more relaxed life will value the school's location in the little town of Maryville, Missouri. 

If you're considering Northwest Missouri State University, better hit the books. The usual SAT score of applicants is 1,075.  You may want to commit to an ACT prep class prior to taking the exam, because the usual ACT score is 22.  Where is Northwest Missouri State University doing the best? Check out all the school rankings

It's hard to beat South Dakota State University if you wish to persue General Agriculture as a major.  This is a tremendous choice for students who prefer the charms of a compact college town. 

About 77.0% of first-year students come back to South Dakota State University for their next year of school.  By providing educational funding to 59.0% of its undergraduates, South Dakota State University makes it possible to avoid taking on too many loans.  Interested in learning more about South Dakota State University's campus? Have a virtual tour

It's hard to beat University of Nebraska - Lincoln if you wish to study General Agriculture.  Agriculture majors from University of Nebraska - Lincoln receive an earnings boost of about 2.4% over the typical income of agriculture graduates.  Based in Lincoln, Nebraska, this university is best for young people who thrive in a city atmosphere. 

About 22.8% of UNL's student body are not Nebraska residents, so, you'll have lots of chances to befriend undergraduates from all over the country.  With its low price and its excellent academic programs, University of Nebraska - Lincoln is a great value, attaining a position of #714 in the nation.  Take a deeper dive to check out how well University of Nebraska - Lincoln ranks in other categories

It is hard to beat Fort Hays State University if you want to study General Agriculture.  Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will appreciate Fort Hays State University's location in the small town of Hays, Kansas. 

Considering that 7.0% of student loan borrowers have defaulted, Fort Hays State University's default rate of 6.0% is quite notable.  Fort Hays State University is well-known for the success of military students and is the 310 school in the country for veterans.  Take a deeper dive to see how well Fort Hays State University ranks in other categories

Any student persuing a degree in General Agriculture needs to check out Missouri State University - Springfield.  Located in Springfield, Missouri, this university is right for individuals who flourish in a city setting. 

Close to 75.0% of first-year students return to Missouri State University - Springfield for their following year of school.  Student success after graduation is significant to Missouri State University - Springfield, and graduates generally leave the university with debt far lower than the U.S. average.  If you are considering learning more, you can view every one of Missouri State University - Springfield's rankings here

University of Missouri - Columbia is among your top options if you want to study General Agriculture.  The location in a major city is wonderful for scholars looking for considerable opportunities for networking, adventure, and discovery. 

Worried that you won't be able to afford University of Missouri - Columbia? Don’t let that prevent you from submitting an application, because 60.0% of students get financial help.  The longer it takes to complete their degree the more debt students take on.  A virtual tour is a great way to find out more about University of Missouri - Columbia. 

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