November 3, 2018

University of Houston Is a 2019 Best for Vets Studying Civil Engineering Nationwide and in Texas

Houston, Texas – College Factual released its 2019 national and state rankings for Best Civil Engineering Programs for Veterans. University of Houston performed very well in these rankings.

National Rankings Review

U of H’s Civil Engineering program is ranked #31 out of 207 for veteran friendliness of all colleges and universities reviewed by College Factual. This puts U of H in the top 15% of all schools in the nation when it comes to offering a quality education to veterans studying Civil Engineering.

U of H improved its ranking position 8 slots over the previous year’s ranking of #39.

See the full ranking of Civil Engineering programs for veterans.

State Rankings Review

University of Houston’s Civil Engineering program is ranked #4 out of 14 colleges and universities in Texas reviewed by College Factual for veteran friendliness. This makes U of H a great choice for veterans who want to major in Civil Engineering.

See the full ranking of Best for Vets Civil Engineering programs in Texas.

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Excellent Outcomes at University of Houston for Students Earning Civil Engineering Degrees

Based upon PayScale survey data*, a student who graduates from U of H with a degree in Civil Engineering realizes average early-career earnings of $56,839 and average mid-career earnings of $110,672.

This is above the national average for all Civil Engineering graduates who make $52,672 in their early career. It is also higher the average graduate’s mid-career salary of $89,399.

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About These Rankings

These rankings were developed to highlight schools that offer quality outcomes in a specific major while also offering support and resources to help veterans and active-duty military students thrive.

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About University of Houston

University of Houston is located in a city setting, serving approximately 36,000 undergraduate students. Roughly 1,460 of these students are GI Bill® recipients.

U of H's Civil Engineering program is a Best for Vets in 2019 according to @CollegeFactual

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About College Factual

College Factual, located in Troy, New York, is the leading source of data analytics and insights on college outcomes. College Factual provides in-depth coverage for over 2,500 colleges and universities and over 350 college majors. These insights are available to students from over 50 countries interested in pursuing accredited college degree programs in the United States.

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*Salary data is estimated by College Factual using 2013 data provided by PayScale.