Precision Systems Maintenance
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Precision Systems Maintenance Overview

A degree in precision systems maintenance and repair will prepare you for a number of career options that deal with precise and detailed workmanship. Careers in this field can include watchmakers, instrument repair, jewelers, gunsmiths, locksmith and safe repairers. You may be responsible for taking apart watches to determine why they don't keep time, or you may be responsible for cleaning and repairing guns where precision is critical to the device's operation. The number of career options in this field are vast and varied.

Although these careers may seem wildly different and each in a different industry, each of them is similar in that these positions focus on the ability to maintain and repair precise instruments and tools.

Schools offering degrees in precision systems maintenance will focus on teaching skills in mathematics, safety and how to work with and maintain precision tools.

Required Skills

Some careers in precision systems maintenance will only require a high school diploma, while others will require education at the associate level or through a vocational school. Much of this work will be learned through an apprenticeship program as the only way to truly learn is by hands-on learning.

In addition to education, you will also need to have a set of skills required to be successful in precision systems. This includes manual dexterity. Precision systems require precision movements and precise details. Measuring and manipulating extremely small parts and tools will require you to be quite dexterous. You will also need to be able to successfully troubleshoot issues. You may not be able to see the root of an issue, but you will need to use your knowledge of mechanical systems to be able to troubleshoot and repair these types of precision systems.


While each industry will have a need for precision systems maintenance and repairers, the national average salary for this broad category is just over $53,000 per year. Salary will depend heavily on the amount of experience and education you have and the industry you work in. For example, gunsmiths will be at the lower end of this salary range coming in at approximately $39,000 per year.

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