Field of Study Overview

People and goods travel by air, ground, or sea and need trained professionals to build, operate and manage transportation equipment, as well as to plan routes and direct traffic. A program in Transportation and Materials Moving will provide with the technical knowledge and skills needed to operate and maintain these means of transportation.

Two majors associated with this field are Air Transportation and Marine Transportation. Students involved in these majors will learn the historic and present uses for these crafts. Courses in an Air Transportation program include: ground support operations, aviation safety, air traffic control, and federal aviation regulations. Marine Transportation students will take courses in crew supervision, catch identification, safety procedures, decompression systems, and diving safety procedures.

This major is commonly offered as a Bachelor's degree, however depending on which concentration you choose you can receive it as an associate's degree or certification.

Required Skills

Careers in this field often involve working outdoors lifting heavy materials and braving extreme weather conditions. Students should enjoy working outdoors and possess physical strength and stamina. Working at sea or in the sky can be unpredictable. You will be required to make quick decisions and remain calm under chaotic conditions.

Communication skills are essential to this major, as you will be working directly with others and need to follow directions carefully. If you are a problem solver and are able to make quick decisions, this major is for you. Many programs require or encourage internships to allow students to gain first-hand experience in the field.


Careers in this field involve transportation vehicles and spending time working outdoors. Some jobs in the field of air transportation are: Aircraft Pilot, Air Traffic Controller, Airline Flight Attendant, and Aircraft and Avionics equipment mechanics and technicians. Jobs in the Marine Transportation field are : ship captain, executive officer, engineers and ranking mates, fisher and related fishing worker, fishing operations supervisor, deep-water or scuba diver, or diving instructor. Other positions include warehouse manager, trucking manager, logistics specialist, regional planner and others. The job outlook for most of these professions is growing.

The average starting salary for someone with a degree in Transportation and Materials Moving is $38,163 with a mid-career salary of $63,405.

Field at a Glance

  • Yearly Graduations
    (online) 1,899
    (associate) 798
    (bachelor) 4,790
  • Average Starting Salary
  • Average Mid-Career Salary

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Air Transportation High N/AN/A
Ground Transportation Low N/AN/A
Marine Transportation Average N/AN/A
Transportation & Materials Moving, Other Low N/AN/A

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