Best Colleges for the Money in Southwest

Looking for a quality education at a price that will keep your student debt to a minimum? This is a great place to begin your search. There are hundreds of colleges that offer a great education at a reasonable price. Browse colleges ranked by their total average cost compared to their quality. This ranking also factors in how long it will take an average student to graduate from each particular school. A college that is inexpensive on the surface, may not be such a good deal if it takes six years to complete your degree instead of four.

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RankSchoolOverall Quality RankingAvg. Years to GraduateAvg. Yearly CostAvg. Total Degree Cost
Doctoral/Research University (Public)
Huntsville, TX
Doctoral/Research University (Public)
Las Cruces, NM
Masters College/University (Private)
Irving, TX
Masters College/University (Private)
Tulsa, OK
Doctoral/Research University (Public)
Flagstaff, AZ
Doctoral/Research University (Public)
Norman, OK
Masters College/University (Private)
Oklahoma City, OK
Masters College/University (Private)
Abilene, TX
Doctoral/Research University (Private)
Houston, TX
Masters College/University (Public)
San Marcos, TX
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