Graduation & Retention Rates

The 2,536 freshman that enrolled in the fall of 2006 at Appalachian State University should have graduated somewhere between 2010 and 2012. Did they? Let's find out...

Among Highest Freshman Retention Rates

With 88.0% of students staying on for a second year, Appalachian State University has among the best freshman retention rates in the country.

Solid Graduation Rates

With rates of 38.4% and 65.2% for four-year graduations and overall graduation rates, respectively, Appalachian State University does an average job of graduating its students in four years and an above average job at graduating students overall.

Based on the caliber of students that attend Appalachian State University we would have expected a graduation rate of 70.1%. This is on par with the actual rate at which the college graduates students and suggests that Appalachian State University is performing on average when the previous academic achievement of students is factored in.

The Majority of Non-Graduates Dropped Out

34.8% of students at Appalachian State University failed to graduate within six years. The majority did so because they dropped out.

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