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Below you'll see Oklahoma's highest quality schools for Chemical Engineering degree programs for the tuition. 190 Oklahoma Chemical Engineering undergraduate students graduated in 2016 with bachelor degrees. These graduates will make an average income of $64,203, starting out. Typically, the mid-career salary would increase to $109,070.

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The methodology pertaining to these rankings takes both caliber and cost of the education into consideration.

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Any student who is interested in Chemical Engineering needs to look into Oklahoma State University - Main Campus. Oklahoma State University - Main Campus chemical engineering students earn 7.3% more than the average chemical engineering grad. Students who have fun with a more slow-paced life will enjoy the school's setting in the compact town of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma State University - Main Campus offers graduate degree programs for students who wish to carry on after achieving a bachelor's degree.Considering 33.4% of Oklahoma State's campus is from outside Oklahoma, you will have a lot of chances to meet undergraduates from all over the United States. Take a virtual tour to learn more about Oklahoma State's campus.

Any student pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering has to take a look at University of Oklahoma Norman Campus. Students who graduate from the chemical engineering program make about $66,866 in the first five years of their career and $118,423 after their first five years of their career. With more than 20,000 students, this institution is one of the biggest schools in the U.S..

At least 82.0% of the teachers at University of Oklahoma have full-time hours, so they have ample time to work with their students.In America, only 36.0% of students graduate in four years. University of Oklahoma is way ahead of the pack on that mark with 37.2% of students finishing on time. Take a deeper dive and find out just how well University of Oklahoma ranks in other categories.

Any student pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering has to take a look at University of Tulsa. The surrounding area of a main urban center is great for scholars seeking out considerable options for social networking, excitement, and exploration.

Roughly 77.2% of the professors at this school are full-time and get normal office hours, so they tend to be more accessible to students.Every additional year of higher education causes students to take on more debt, so Tulsa University's strong 51.7% graduation rate is something to take note of. Go on a virtual tour to explore Tulsa University.

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