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To get a college degree or not, that is the question. Wondering whether a college degree is worth it or if you are better off just getting a job? Check out the hundreds of colleges in this list whose graduates make far more over the course of their careers than the average worker without a degree and easily pay back the initial cost of obtaining the degree (and then some).

In 2010, the average earnings for those with a highschool diploma was $29,000 with a clear trend to decrease in the future (see: Combined with the average time required to complete a university degree at a given college, we see that university graduates start in a double deep hole. First, there is a cost of attending the university, but then we must add onto this, the lost earnings that could have been made by working.

In order to climb out of this financial hole, your university degree must provide potentially significant value. Alternatively, you need to get other non-monitary rewards out of your education such as the opportunity to enhance your quality of life.

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