Graduation and Retention Rates: Find Out if Anyone Sticks Around

At Rutgers University-Newark, 889 undergraduates were scheduled to complete their degree in 2013. Did they? Let's find out...

An Above Average Amount of Freshmen Make It To the Next Year

With 84.0% of students making it past their freshman year, Rutgers University-Newark has freshman retention rates above the national average of 69.4%.

The following information is based off of data for students who were "Full Time Undergraduate Degree Seekers". Out of the 7,666 undergraduate students at Rutgers University-Newark, this group of 6,211 represents about 81%.

If this demographic does not represent you, then you might want to ask Rutgers University-Newark about graduation rates for other more appropriate groups of students.

There's a Good Chance You'll Actually Graduate From This College

With rates of 32.3% and 60.7% for on-time (two or four years depending on the degree) graduations and overall graduation rates, respectively, Rutgers University-Newark does an average job of graduating its students on-time and an above average job at graduating students overall.

Most of Non-Grads End Up Transferring

39.3% of students at Rutgers University-Newark failed to graduate within 150% of the expected time. The majority did so because they transferred to another school.

Questions You Need to Ask

  • The majority of students take more than the "expected time" to graduate. Have you factored this into your college budget?
  • You may not think you will transfer, but a lot of students do. How easy is it to transfer credits from this college? Will you end up having to retake classes?

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