October 8, 2018

Eureka College Does Well in 2019 Gender Diversity Rankings

Eureka, Illinois – College Factual has released its 2019 rankings for gender diversity. Eureka College did very well in these rankings that recognize colleges for diversity in gender. The college earned this recognition due to its commitment to supporting both men and women. In particular, of all undergraduates on campus 49% are male and 51% are female.

Eureka College Recognized for Exceptional Gender Diversity on Campus

Eureka College is ranked #139 out of 2,486 colleges and universities analyzed for gender diversity. This puts them in the top 10% of all schools in the country. Eureka College improved its ranking position 421 slots over the previous year’s ranking of 560.

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Gender Diversity Rankings for Illinois Colleges

Eureka College is ranked #13 out of 88 colleges in the state of Illinois for gender diversity. This puts Eureka College in the top 15% of all colleges in the state.

Eureka College improved its ranking position 10 slots over the previous year’s ranking of 23.

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About These Rankings

To rank colleges based on diversity, College Factual analyzed the age, gender, race, and location of origin of enrolled students. The greater the variety, the higher a college will rank. Read more about the diversity ranking.

About Eureka College

Eureka College is located in Eureka, Illinois in a small town setting. Eureka College serves approximately 700 undergraduate students from across the country. The school has a student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1.

Eureka College is a top school for gender diversity according to @CollegeFactual.

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Learn more about the components of diversity at Eureka College, including ethnic, gender, and age diversity.

About College Factual

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