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Do you want to better understand human problems and the world that we live in? The field of Social Sciences incorporates classes from a variety of disciplines in the liberal arts field allowing you to study the world from a variety of cultural, intellectual, and social perspectives.

One popular major in this field is Economics which involves the study of the distribution of goods and services. If you are more interested in criminal behavior, Criminology allows you to learn about the causes of crime, behavior of criminals, and the social justice system that we have in place today. More science and math minded students might prefer to study Geography and Cartography to learn about Earth's physical structures as well as the science of map-making. Major in Archeology in order to discover ancient civilizations of the past, while a major in International Relations and National Security focuses more on current affairs and national security issues .

Required Skills

This field of study requires a student who comfortable with abstract thought and theory and interested in applying learned methods to real-life situations. They will need to make connections between various subjects and will spend a lot of time researching papers and analyzing data. Creativity and problem solving skills will lead to success.

Communication skills are important in this field, as it will involve a lot of written reports and well as person-to-person interaction. Classes will include discussion and debate on controversial subjects. Students should be confident in their abilities to defend their opinions, while at the same time keep an open mind.


Majoring in the field of Social Sciences will prepare you to work in many different occupations. Skills learned from your undergraduate degree can be applied to many different jobs and are also a good basis for furthering your education with an advanced degree in the social sciences, business or law.

Many graduates find work in law enforcement, homeland security, investigation, archeological consulting firms, community service and health services. Grads can also work in business administration, or work for the government as an economist, geographer or cartographer. Explore your options and choose a field that appeals the most to you. Previous work experience or an advanced degree will help you gain the position you desire.

Salary will vary depending on your level of education and what career you choose to go into. The average reported starting salary for a graduate of the Social Sciences is $38,219 with a mid-career salary of $68,118.


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  • Yearly Graduations
    (online) 12,149
    (associate) 262
    (bachelor) 151,592
  • Average Starting Salary
  • Average Mid-Career Salary

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Click Major to View Top CollegesPopularitySalary PotentialMajors Matcher
Anthropology Average Low N/A
Archeology Low N/AN/A
Criminology Average Poor N/A
Economics High Best N/A
General Social Sciences Average N/AN/A
Geography & Cartography Average Fair N/A
International Relations & National Security High Good N/A
Political Science & Government High Good N/A
Rural Sociology Low N/AN/A
Social Sciences (Other) Low N/AN/A
Sociology High Poor N/A
Sociology & Anthropology Low N/AN/A
Urban Studies Low Low N/A

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