Archeology Overview

If you wish to explore the vast and mysterious societies and structures of the past, Archeology could be the major for you! This multidisciplinary field involves the study of past people and culture. Students research artifacts and read primary source documents in order to broaden their knowledge of past civilizations.

Classes taught in this major are history, anthropology, foreign language, and art history. You will also take courses in subjects like archaeological field techniques, problems in archaeology, and the rise of civilization.

Required Skills

Students who excel in this field tend to be problem solvers who enjoy finding the missing piece of a puzzle. The ideal learner is someone who is adventurous and curious, being willing try new things. Work in the field may involve travel to different countries. Although the work can be very exciting, parts of it will be tedious and involve bearing extreme temperatures at a dig site, carefully brushing dust off shards of pottery, and analyzing pieces of material under a microscope.

Students will require creative thinking, analytical skills and attention to detail when researching subjects and presenting information. Much of your time in college will be spent studying, researching and writing papers on your findings. You may have the chance to study abroad. This will provide excellent experience in learning the culture and history of another country first-hand.


In order to become an archeologist you will need to obtain your Ph.D. This is competitive field that involves a lot of time spent in research and in the field. Archeologists teach college classes or provide consulting services to governments and businesses. They are often found working for cultural resource management firms. Graduates who do not wish to pursue an advanced degree may find work as teachers, librarians, curators, or in other fields that require analytical and research skills.

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Anthropologists and Archeologists
Anthropology and Archeology Teachers, Postsecondary
Managers, All Other
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