International Relations & National Security
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International Relations & National Security Overview

A major in International Relations and National Security trains students to evaluate and analyze national defense policy and international relations. Studies focus on the conduct of diplomacy and foreign policy, international politics, applications of diplomacy, military power, and intelligence in relation to national defense. Students are prepared to promote regional stability and how to take action in a crisis.

Some of the classes that you will take in this major are history, public policy analysis, homeland security, threat scenarios, foreign policy analysis, international law and organization, international relations theory, and leadership.

Required Skills

This career requires sharp analytical and reasoning skills as you evaluate aspects of national defense and international relations policy. Professionals will need to keep calm in tense situations and carefully communicate details to superiors, co-workers and the general public. Develop organizational and time management skills while in college in order to balance lectures, reading, writing, and staying up to date with current events.

Innovative and creative thinking will help you propose solutions to issues, based in theories and policies learned in the classroom. You will be asked to put theory into practice as you develop methods of keeping America safe.


A major in International Relationships and National Security will open many doors for you. Graduates find positions working all over the world affecting national and global political, economic, cultural, and social systems. You can translate your skills to become a Foreign Service officer or work for a government agency or work in a civil service position. Graduates also find work in the military or in homeland security, as well as in transnational business, congress or the United Nations.

Graduates with a degree in International Relations and National Security average $38,358 as a starting salary with a mid-career salary of $82,878.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in International Relations & National Security might open up.

Managers, All Other
Political Science Teachers, Postsecondary
Political Scientists
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