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Anthropology Overview

Anthropology is the study of humankind throughout history all around the world. Some of the subjects you will discuss in your classes are similarities and differences between people groups, how different groups live with each other, culture creation, and how human beings evolve and adapt.

Anthropology requires looking at things from new perspectives. You will be exploring how past cultures lived, ate, raised families and created meaning in life. Some courses you can expect to encounter are biological anthropology, human biology, human origins, introduction to anthropology, principles of archaeology, language, and modern human physical variation.

Some of the concentrations available in this major are Physical and Biological Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, or Cultural Anthropology.

Required Skills

Students should have both a scientific inquisitive mind, as well as an interest in people. Develop strong written and oral communication skills in order to write clear papers and present your findings in presentations. Writing and speech should be done in a clear concise manner so that any person can understand the data.

Part of your studies will involve exploring and learning about different cultures, people, and places. An open mind will allow you to objectively compare and contrast various lifestyles and ideas. Critical thinking skills and reasoning will help you piece together historical facts as well as analyze data from research.


In order to become an anthropologist you must obtain your Ph.D. Although the employment field of anthropology is predicted to grow, it is a small and competitive field to get into. Anthropologists use their advanced knowledge to research current issues, human life, culture, and history. They are found teaching college classes or working for the government or corporations doing research.

Graduates who do not wish to pursue an advanced degree may find work in a variety of places. Anthropology majors have critical thinking and reasoning skills that make them attractive to many employers. They could find work in human services, sales, business administration, marketing and other fields of interest.

The average reported salary for those with a degree in Anthropology is $35,433 as a starting salary and $61,437 as a mid-career salary.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Anthropology might open up.

Anthropologists and Archeologists
Anthropology and Archeology Teachers, Postsecondary
Managers, All Other
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