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The field of Psychology involves the scientific study of the human mind and human behavior. There are a variety of majors and concentrations available for students to choose a specialization in a certain interest. Coursework involves work in the lab and the library conducting research, as well as group project assignments and time spent in the field interacting with clients and patients.

There are a few different majors that are available to you depending on what college you choose. You can choose to pursue your degree in General Psychology allows you to study behavior and research methods as you answering difficult and thought provoking questions. For more practical training, you may want to choose to study Clinical, Counseling, and Applied Psychology. This is a great choice for those who wish to pursue careers as counselors. Students can also major in Child Development and Psychology in order to learn how people develop and grow through their life.

Required Skills

The field of Psychology requires a student who is deeply interested in people and also enjoys math and science. You will be spending time writing lab reports as well as research papers. Students develop adept critical thinking skills as they analyze scientific papers, gather research and make observation. You will also work with numbers and formulas to analyze data.

Students should have a passion for working with people and a desire to help people lead better lives. Many majors involve an internship or some sort of field work. Make good use of any practical experience in order to help you find a job later on. Work in the field also helps you empathize with others and become a better listener.


A major in the field of Psychology is usually a stepping stone for an advanced degree. A master's degree will allow you to become a school psychologist or work in some areas of counseling. A doctorate degree is required to become a psychologist. If student choose not to continue their education they may be able to find jobs in social work, marketing, sales, human resources or any other field that involves interacting and understanding people.

Depending on your specific career, the job growth in this field appears to be growing at a pace that is faster than average. Average starting salary is $34,601 with a mid-career salary of $60,118.


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    (online) 22,748
    (associate) 1,040
    (bachelor) 124,323
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Child Development & Psychology Average Poor N/A
Clinical, Counseling & Applied Psychology Low N/AN/A
General Psychology High Fair N/A
Psychology (Other) Low N/AN/A

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