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Psychology (Other) Overview

Psychology is a broad field involving the study of human thought, interactions and behavior. Some common majors are Clinical and Developmental Psychology or General Psychology. However, there are more niche majors and concentrations available at some colleges. For example, you could study Engineering Psychology in order to learn about the interaction between machines, technology and people. With a clear understanding of the human mind, you will be able to help improve consumer products and technology.

Another direction is Genetics Counseling which focuses on the influence of genetics on psychology. You will work with many people in the medical profession to assistant families with a member who has a genetic disorder or could potentially pass down an inherited disorder to their offspring.

Sports Psychology will focus on behavior and motivation, performance, and injury. You will help improve athletic performance by looking at mental and physical health.

These different areas of studies open psychology up to students with a wide variety of interests. Courses will vary depending on what you decide to focus on.

Required Skills

Psychology students should be deeply interested in people. Through your undergrad work and as a career you will interact with many different types of people from diverse backgrounds. It is important to have patience, care and understanding. You will need to clearly explain ideas and research to both peers and patients.

In addition to solid communication and interpersonal skills, students should also not be afraid of science, research and math. The study of psychology involves lots of research and experimentation. Students will spend time in labs completing projects and writing lab reports. Almost any major in psychology involves statistics. Math and science skills will help you succeed in the major.


A major in Psychology, Other is usually a specific field that you have interest in. You could work to a career in a number of fields including Engineering Psychologist, Genetic Counselor, or Sports Psychologist, among others. These professions will require you to get at minimum of your master's degree. These fields are very specialized, but are growing.

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