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Majoring in the field of Communication and Journalism will equip students with all types of knowledge on how to communicate with the general public through a plethora of media outlets. You will have the opportunity to take classes ranging from speech writing to design and layout while learning how to improve your writing and verbal communication skills.

There are many options when it comes to choosing your major within this field. Communications and Media Studies gives you the opportunity to study communications at broad level and understand all types of media. If you are passionate about reporting news stories to the public you may choose to go into Journalism. Or if you are interested in building a reputation or brand for clients Public Relations and Advertising may be a good choice. You also have the option to focus on Radio, Television, and Digital Communication to learn skills to design, develop, and manage types of digital media or major in Publishing and focus on layout and design. No matter what major you decide to focus on, a degree in communication and journalism will enhance your writing and verbal communication skills, making you a great candidate for any type of employment.

Required Skills

Those going into the communications field should enjoy communicating through the written word as well as through interaction with people. A career in this field will require constant meetings with clients, other communications professionals, and members of the media. Communications professionals are often in fast paced careers, making the skills to balance multiple projects a necessity. This field of study is also best suited for students who are detail oriented and enjoy problem solving and investigation.

Typically, most careers in the communications and journalism fields are full time, but don't stick to the 40-hour workweek. New stories may cause journalists to work at odd hours while long projects or deadlines will force communications specialists to work in evenings and on the weekend.


A degree in the communications and journalism field opens a wide array of career options to graduates. You may decide to work in a public relations firm, at a publishing house, as a representative for a major corporation, as a speechwriter, or work as a consultant. No matter what career path you choose, you can be confident that your degree in communication and journalism will give you the skills to work and advance within any organization.

The average starting salary of a Communication and Journalism graduate is $36,449, while the average mid-career salary is $63,712.


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    (associate) 7,381
    (bachelor) 97,681
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Radio, Television & Digital Communication Low Poor N/A

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