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Communication & Media Studies Overview

In most places in the world, you can't go a day without running into some form of communication, whether it's the Internet, television, or radio. If you want to learn more about how communication channels broadcast the views of our culture and directly impact our opinions and perceptions, consider a major in Communication and Media Studies.

With a degree in Communication and Media Studies, you will be able to analyze different media channels, explore how media impacts culture, and even have the opportunity to create your own media broadcasts. Classes such as communication and mass media research, mass media and popular culture, media criticism, and media law and ethics will introduce you to the world of communications and teach how to analyze and express messages.

While there is the option to major in the general topic of Communication and Media Studies, some students choose to specialize in areas, such as Speech Communication and Rhetoric or Mass Communication/Media Studies.

Required Skills

Strong writing and interpersonal skills are mandatory for a career in communications. Professionals spend their days working to communicate messages to the general public, making it necessary to be clear and concise. This is a great career for people who enjoy multi-tasking and have a good sense of social perceptiveness and media interest. When working in the field you may experience times when irregular or extended hours may be necessary. Tight deadlines and large projects can lead to late nights or weekend hours.

A career in communications is experience based, making internships critical. These opportunities allow professionals to introduce you to the world of communications and give you the opportunity to perform basic tasks. The combination of internships and knowledge gained while working towards a degree prepares graduates for a successful career.


There are many career options for those who major in Communications and Media. Graduates will be equipped with excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, making them an asset to many companies. Some careers that graduates choose to go into include advertising, copy writing, marketing, publicity, social media consulting, public relations, and telecasting. Students may also choose to work for themselves or do consulting or contract work.

Communications is growing at a very quick rate and job opportunities are excellent for recent graduates. However, this is also a very popular field to be in, and competition in certain areas can be high. Since communications careers are experience based, the longer graduates are in the field, the more opportunity there is for advancement.

The average starting salary of a Communication and Media Studies graduate is $37,104 with a mid-career salary of $64,777.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Communication & Media Studies might open up.

Communications Teachers, Postsecondary
Public Address System and Other Announcers
Public Relations Specialists
Radio and Television Announcers
Reporters and Correspondents
Writers and Authors
Salary data is estimated by College Factual using 2013 data provided by PayScale.
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