Highest Paid Communication & Media Studies Graduates in 2018

The 10 Best Colleges & Universities for Highly Paid Communication & Media Studies Graduates

With 56,336 graduations a year, Communication & Media Studies is a fairly popular major choice. Graduates can expect an average salary of about $37,104 in their early career.

The typical Communication & Media Studies graduate will earn significantly less than the average college grad, -12.0% to be exact.Pick one of the top schools in the rankings and give your earning potential a boost. Often a highly ranked school is top in other categories as well. Check out the schools below and see what else makes them stand out.

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You can find rankings of Communication & Media Studies programs with the highest starting salaries below. Our ranking methodology uses Communication & Media Studies specific starting and mid-career salaries of graduates from each college to generate a list of the best.

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If you're looking for the very best training out there in Communication & Media Studies you can't do better than Stanford University. Graduates of the Communications program earn around $49,303 for their early career and $109,913 in their mid career. Based in Stanford, California, offers a dependable, suburban atmosphere for young people.

Stanford University appeals to the very best; the typical SAT score of applicants is around 1,475.Computer science is the most popular program at Stanford University. The scorecard provides a fantastic overview of Stanford University.

Every student who is interested in Communication & Media Studies needs to check out University of Pennsylvania. Communications majors from University of Pennsylvania get a earnings boost of around 37.7% above the average earnings of communication & media studies graduates. University of Pennsylvania is among the largest schools in Pennsylvania.

54.0% of students at University of Pennsylvania acquire educational funding, so don't forget to complete the FAFSA!Graduates of University of Pennsylvania usually do not have problems paying back their student debt; just 1.0% are in default. Want to learn more about University of Pennsylvania's campus? Take a virtual tour.

St Lawrence University is among your best bets if you want to study Communication & Media Studies. St Lawrence University communication & media studies graduates receive 36.6% more than the typical communications graduate. Students who like a more relaxed life will enjoy the school's position in the compact town of Canton, New York.

This school is an excellent bang for the buck for students in New York.Thinking about Economics? It is the most well liked major at this school. Get a better idea of what being on campus at St. Lawrence is like by viewing some campus videos.

Santa Clara University is a good decision for students pursuing a Communication & Media Studies degree. Graduates from the Communication & Media Studies major at Santa Clara University get 34.0% more than the standard college graduate in this field. Located in Santa Clara, California, this university is a good choice for students who blossom in an urban atmosphere.

For graduates who would like to keep going following their undergraduate degree, this school has graduate programs available.Even if you're not from California, you won't feel as if you're the odd one out at this school. Around 41.0% of undergrads are from out-of-state. Get all the crucial facts on SCU by viewing their scorecard.

It's difficult to beat George Washington University if you want to study Communication & Media Studies. After getting their bachelor's degree, Communications students typically earn around $42,221 in their early careers. Washington, District of Columbia is an excellent setting for college students who get pleasure from the active city life.

You may want to invest in an ACT prep course before you take the exam since the typical ACT score is 29.This institution has a superior retention rate, with 93.0% of first years returning for their sophomore year. A virtual tour could be an easy way to find out more about George Washington University.

Brown University is among your best bets if you're planning on studying Communication & Media Studies. Communications majors from Brown University earn a boost of around 32.0% above the typical income of communication & media studies graduates. Situated in Providence, Rhode Island, this school is a logical choice for students who enjoy the thrills of a large city.

Due to Brown's excellent student-to-faculty ratio of 9:1, there are plenty of possibilities for students to interact with their instructors.About 77.0% of Brown applicants submit their SAT scores, which average about 1,440. Ever wish colleges were graded with a report card? Now they are. Look at Brown University's scorecard.

Cornell University is a great option for students pursuing a Communication & Media Studies degree. Graduates of the Communications program make about $45,868 for their early career and $87,956 in their mid career. This school is one of the largest schools in New York.

You may want to study hard for your SAT; the standard score of applicants to Cornell is 1,420.In addition to this school being one of the very best institutions in New York, 64.2% of its students are from out-of-state. Videos from Cornell could be a great way to get more info on the university.

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Texas Christian University is a wonderful option for students pursuing a Communication & Media Studies degree. Texas Christian University communication & media studies students receive 30.3% more than the standard communications student. Situated in Fort Worth, Texas, this university is best suited for students who thrive in an urban atmosphere.

Interested in Nursing? It's the most popular program at this school.This school is well-known for the support of military personnel and is the 92 best in the nation for veterans. Learn more about what campus life at TCU is really like by watching a few campus videos.

Seton Hall University is a wonderful option for individuals interested in a Communication & Media Studies major. Students from the Communication & Media Studies degree program at Seton Hall University make 29.9% more than the average college graduate with the same degree. The location of South Orange, New Jersey, is satisfactory for young people who like a more tranquil, suburban spot.

The typical scholarship amount given to freshman students is $17,999 with 97.0% of freshman students getting an award.This college produces especially high paid graduates from the special education degree program. Take a deeper dive and find out just how Seton Hall University ranks in other categories.

The College of Wooster is a wonderful decision for students pursuing a Communication & Media Studies degree. Students who graduate from this program report average early career earnings of communications and mid-career earnings of $92,071. Students who get pleasure from a more slow-paced life will value the school's position in the compact town of Wooster, Ohio.

Wooster College's 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio is one of the very best in the United States.If you're concerned with taking on too much college debt, you should note that Wooster College students graduate with an average of only $27,808 in student loans. Obtain all of the essential details on Wooster College by viewing their scorecard.

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