Marketing Overview

Clever marketing and advertising serves an extremely valuable function to both businesses and consumers. Marketing is necessary to alert consumers to products or ideas that will improve their life. If the marketing attempts are successful, the business gets a loyal customer. This benefits everyone!

I'm sure everyone has seen a bad ad, but even more of us have seen ads, commercials, marketing slogans or social media campaigns that are fun and interesting. If you are a creative, analytical and energetic person with an interest in business, Marketing would be an excellent major for you.

A program in Marketing will educate students about how to create and sell products and services that will intrigue a consumer audience and move the supply off the producer's inventory. There are a few concentrations within this major; they include Marketing Research and International Marketing. While studying Marketing, you will be taking courses in consumer behavior, marketing research, marketing management, advertising and promotion, and marketing strategy.

Required Skills

Creative thinkers are often found in this major. Marketing is about standing apart from the competition, making innovative ad campaigns and ideas are essential. The ability to collaborate with others and work with a team is important for success in college and in your career. Strong oral and written skills are two important skills needed for this major.

Marketers need to thoroughly understand their product, as well as the marketplace to understand what it is customers want. Research and critical analysis will be integral functions as well as an interest in human behavior.

Gaining work experience while still in college may help you find a job after graduating. Take advantage of internship programs, or find a part-time job that gives you experience in the business or customer service field. There is opportunity to gain a Master in Marketing if you decide to further your education.


Graduates with a degree in Marketing have many different career options they can pursue. They find work as Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relation Specialists, Art Directors, Market and Survey Researchers, and Buyers and Purchasers. These careers all involve helping companies promote their products and services. Job demand varies depending on what area you pursue.

The average starting salary, for someone with a degree in Marketing is $39,588 with a mid-career salary of $75,319.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Marketing might open up.

Advertising and Promotions Managers
Business Teachers, Postsecondary
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists
Marketing Managers
Sales Managers
Survey Researchers
Salary data is estimated by College Factual using 2013 data provided by PayScale.
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