History Overview

Our society is built on thousands of years of history. Whether it is the countless wars fought, or the various cultural traditions, students will learn about past events and how they shape the present.

Students who study history will learn to interpret the past by analyzing, gathering, and criticizing evidence and theories of past events. Students will learn about various cultures, acquire problem solving skills and see common patterns repeated throughout history. There are many different concentrations within this major. Some of these are European History, Asian History, Canadian History, American History, Military History, Public/Applied History, and History and Philosophy of Science and Technology. While all these majors concentrate on different regions or subjects, they will all include classes on European history, American society, Middle Eastern society and culture, and World history.

Required Skills

Students who enjoy reading and writing thrive in this major. Time management and curiosity will enable you to complete assigned reading on time. Analytical skills will help you discover patterns and connections between events.

In order to prepare for this major, students are advised to take prior courses in World religion, American history, European history, and geography. There is opportunity to gain a Master in History if you decide to further your education. Some programs allow students the opportunity to study abroad. This would allow students experience the culture and history first hand.


There are many different career options that individuals can enter into with a degree in History. Many graduates pursue the field of education as Elementary, Middle, and High School Teachers. If teaching is not your passion, you can become a Librarian or Historian and work in interpreting, collecting and storing data from the past. Another option is to become an Anthropologist or Archeologist. Both of these fields examine the past of different cultures. As an Anthropologist you will examine the elements of human culture and society. As an Archeologist, you would examine the relics from the past to recreate the history and culture.

The average reported starting salary for someone with a degree in History is $36,953 with a mid-career salary of $65,517.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in History might open up.

History Teachers, Postsecondary
Managers, All Other
Museum Technicians and Conservators
Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education
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