Most Focused History Schools in 2020

The Colleges Most Focused on History in the U.S.

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Finding a school most focused on your major can indicate better funding, more opportunities, and great connections. Click on the schools below to find out why everyone chooses to study History there.

Listed Below are The Schools with the Highest Percentages of History Students

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The best school in the United States for History is Hampden - Sydney College. 11.2% of undergraduates at Hampden - Sydney College are History students. Hampden-Sydney, Virginia is situated in a calm, tranquil, countryside area.

Hampden - Sydney has an outstanding student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1, so learners should have a lot of opportunities to work with their instructors. Don't worry if you're not from Virginia, you aren't going to feel as if you're out of place at Hampden - Sydney College. Approximately 32.2% of students come from another state. Go on a virtual tour for more information on Hampden - Sydney.

Stillman College is among your top options if you're planning on studying History. This is a fairly common subject of study at Stillman College, with 10.3% of undergraduates enrolled in it. Based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, this college is a very good final choice for students who enjoy the exhilaration of a significant city.

If you are wary of racking up excessive debt, you will want to keep in mind that graduates leave Stillman College with about $15,204 in student loans. About 100.0% of the professors at Stillman College have full-time hours, which means they should have plenty of time to focus on students in their class. The scorecard will give you a fantastic overview of Stillman College.

Every student who is interested in History needs to take a look at Hillsdale College. Students who like a more relaxed life will treasure the school's position in the tiny town of Hillsdale, Michigan.

Hillsdale College has a remarkable student-to-faculty ratio of 9:1, so learners should have a lot of opportunities to work with their teachers. With 67.0% of the educators being full time, students will get a good amount of face time with teachers. In what areas is Hillsdale College doing the best? Look into all the college rankings.

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma is among your best bets if you're planning on studying History. Students who love a more relaxed life will appreciate the school's setting in the tiny town of Chickasha, Oklahoma.

The average scholarship amount awarded to first years is $6,769 with 75.0% of first years receiving an award. Not only is University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma one of the best institutions in Oklahoma, 3.0% of its students come from out-of-state. Videos from University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma could be a good way to explore university.

It's hard to beat Presbyterian College if you want to study History. Clinton, South Carolina provides a stylish small-town ambiance for students to learn in.

Because of a dedication to high academic standards and a yearly net price of $24,988, Presbyterian College is an excellent value for your money. The typical scholarship granted to freshmen is $23,220 with 100.0% of freshmen receiving some form of scholarship. Take a virtual tour to know more about Presbyterian College's campus.

Alice Lloyd College is one of the best schools in the United States for History. Settled in the out of the way Pippa Passes, Kentucky, it is the ideally suited school for students who wish to completely focus on their learning without the distractions of a sizable city.

At least 76.0% of the instructors at ALC have full-time hours, so they have lots of time to give attention to their students. This institution has excellent value for students in Kentucky. Find every one of Alice Lloyd College's rankings to find out more.

It's difficult to beat Great Lakes Christian College if you wish to pursue History as a major. The neighborhood of Lansing, Michigan, is decent for learners who prefer a more tranquil, suburban place.

Great Lakes Christian College's reasonable annual price is very appealing to cost-conscious applicants. Even if you aren't from Michigan, you aren't going to feel as if you're the odd one out at this school. About 8.7% of undergrads are from out-of-state. Learn more and discover just how well Great Lakes Christian College ranks in other categories.

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Any student who is interested in History has to check out Lyon College. Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will appreciate Lyon College's location in the small town of Batesville, Arkansas.

Lyon has an impressive student-to-faculty ratio of 12:1, so students have lots of chances to network with their professors. Every year, roughly 100.0% first years receive a scholarship, with the typical amount being $14,774. View a few school videos to discover what is happening on campus.

It's hard to beat University of Dallas if you wish to pursue History as a major. Positioned in Irving, Texas, this university is best suited for students who flourish in a city atmosphere.

Udallas is committed to helping students succeed, as evidenced by its 59.5% on-time graduation rate. For students who want to carry on after earning a bachelor's degree, this school has graduate programs available. Learn more and see how well Udallas ranks in other categories.

Wabash College is a good decision for students pursuing a History degree. Students who get pleasure from a more slow-paced life will appreciate the school's position in the modest town of Crawfordsville, Indiana.

Rated #6 in Indiana for overall value, we would have estimated this college's terrific instructional programs to be higher priced. Each year, roughly 100.0% first-year students receive scholarships, with the typical award being $24,869. Interested in learning more details on Wabash College's campus? Go on a virtual tour.

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