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Highest Paid History Graduates in 2020

The 10 Best Colleges & Universities for Highly Paid History Graduates

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It seems History is a more specialized major with roughly 28,531 graduations a year. These graduates can expect an average starting salary of $36,953 each year.

The typical History graduate will earn significantly less than the average college grad, -12.0% to be exact.Pick one of the top schools in the rankings and give your earning potential a boost. Often a highly ranked school is top in other categories as well. Check out the schools below and see what else makes them stand out.

To Increase Salary Potential, See the List Below

The list below ranks colleges with the highest paid History graduates. Our rankings are generated using a certain methodology to rank starting and mid career salary data.

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If you're looking for the best education out there in History it's hard to do better than Harvard University. History majors from Harvard University get a earnings boost of approximately 57.4% over the average earnings of history majors. Situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this institution is a logical option for students who enjoy the buzz of a popular city.

This school is thought to be a good choice for veterans. About 97.0% of freshmen decide to come back to this school for their second year of school. Go deeper to check out how well Harvard ranks in other categories.

Cornell University is a great option for students pursuing a History degree. Graduates from the History degree program at Cornell University make 55.4% more than the average college grad in this field. Ithaca, New York is an ideal environment for college students who enjoy the fast-paced urban lifestyle.

There is a graduate program accessible for those who are curious. Just 0.7% of Cornell University graduates are in loan default. That is certainly striking, because the average is 7.0%. Take a deeper dive to see just how Cornell ranks in other categories.

It's hard to find a better school than Princeton University if you wish to study History. History students from Princeton University earn a boost of around 54.9% over the typical income of history majors. Located in Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton supplies a safe and sound, suburban atmosphere for learners.

Princeton has a leading women's basketball team. You will be able to learn about a lot of ethnicities thanks to Princeton's diverse population. Videos from Princeton could be a great way to get more info on the university.

Yale University is among your top options if you want to study History. Grads of the history program state that they receive average early career income of history and mid-career income of $102,991. The setting in a large urban center is great for students seeking out considerable options for social networking, excitement, and exploration.

Yale University grads have only about $21,460 of student loans on average. That's much lower than the U.S. average of $28,421. Yale features a high performing men's football team. Look at a few school videos to discover what student life is like.

Rutgers University - New Brunswick is among your best bets if you want to study History. Soon after graduating, History students typically make around $43,076 in the first five years of their career. The setting in a big city is tremendous for scholars trying to find adequate chances for social networking, experience, and life.

Rutgers University - New Brunswick also has graduate degree programs for those who need to continue after earning a four-year degree. You will be able to meet others from many different ethnicities thanks to Rutgers New Brunswick's diverse campus. For additional information, read the college scorecard.

Any student pursuing a degree in History needs to check out United States Naval Academy. United States Naval Academy history majors receive 43.2% more than the standard history grad. This school is located in the suburban area of Annapolis, Maryland, near to shops and other amusement.

Around 91.0% of the professors at this school are full-time and have regular office hours, so they are more available to students. About 98.0% of freshmen return to this school for their following year. Learn more to see how well Annapolis ranks in other categories.

Any student pursuing a degree in History needs to take a look at Dartmouth College. Students from the History major at Dartmouth College get 40.2% more than the standard college graduate with the same degree. Students who like a more relaxed life will appreciate the school's position in the smallish town of Hanover, New Hampshire.

Graduates from Dartmouth College are generally succeeding in their jobs as they're way less prone to go into default on their loans especially when compared to graduates of other colleges. 96.0% of freshman students come back for their sophomore year of school. Take a look at every one of Dartmouth College's rankings to know more about the college.

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Southern Methodist University is among your best bets if you're planning on studying History. Grads of the history program state that they receive average early career wages of history and mid-career wages of $88,690. It is set in the suburban region of Dallas, Texas.

This school understands the specific requirements of international students; 8.2% of its student body originates from outside the United States. For students who want to keep going after earning a undergraduate degree, this school has graduate programs available. The scorecard will give you a good overview of Southern Methodist University.

Any student pursuing a degree in History needs to check out Columbia University in the City of New York. Students who graduate from the History program make about $43,098 in their early career salary and $99,972 in their mid-career salary. New York, New York is an ideal environment for individuals who enjoy the fast moving urban lifestyle.

Columbia has been rated among the best for education quality for veterans and active-duty military. This school stimulates networking between students and their professors, as evidenced by its 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio. Look at every one of Columbia University in the City of New York's rankings to learn more.

It's difficult to beat Marist College if you wish to pursue History as a major. Students who graduate from this program report average early career income of history and mid-career income of $101,815. Situated in Poughkeepsie, New York, Marist supplies a safe, suburban atmosphere for individuals.

Merely 3.1% of Marist College graduates have defaulted on their loans. That is striking, because the default average is 7.0%. Due to Marist College's excellent on-time graduation rate of 74.8%, students typically accumulate significantly less debt compared to what they would at other schools. Check out some school videos to learn more about what's happening on campus.

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