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Get set on the right career path for you with a degree in History! The following ranking will help you find a school that is great quality and a great value. U.S. colleges saw 28,226 History students graduate with bachelor degrees in 2016. The average salary of a History grad is $36,953 in their early career and $65,517 in mid-career. However, students report earning anywhere from $25,414 to $54,680 in their early career, and $41,859 to $118,028 in mid-career, depending on the program.

History Schools Ranked by Quality for the Money

In order to get the most from your degree, find a college that offers great quality for a fair price. College Factual's "Best for the Money" ranking takes into account both the positive outcomes of students and the total cost of a degree. To learn more about the methodology behind this ranking see this article about our best value colleges by major methodology.

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If you want the best education available in History you simply can't do better than Presbyterian College. Graduates from the history program at Presbyterian College earn 4.4% more than the average graduate in this field. Clinton, South Carolina provides a stylish small-town ambiance for students to learn in.

Presbyterian College tries to keep costs reasonable for students. In fact, the average student leaves the college with only $27,188 in student loans. You might want to invest in an ACT prep course before you take the test because the typical ACT score is 24. For additional information, check out the college scorecard.

Every student pursuing a degree in History has to check out Brigham Young University - Provo. The surrounding area of a major city is tremendous for students seeking out considerable possibilities for social networking, adventure, and life.

The student body at Brigham Young University - Provo is very diverse and welcomes undergraduates from over 50 U.S. states and 42 nations around the world. With a low price and excellent education, Brigham Young University - Provo is a good bargain, earning a rank of #1 in Utah. Where is Brigham Young University - Provo doing the best? Check out all the school's rankings.

Birmingham Southern College is a great option for students pursuing a History degree. Positioned in Birmingham, Alabama, this school is a strong choice for students who enjoy the buzz of a popular city.

This school has a high retention rate, with 86.0% of first years returning for their 2nd year. Graduates of this school typically don't have issues repaying their student loans; just 4.0% are in default. Videos from BSC could be a great way to get more info on the college.

Illinois State University is a good choice for students pursuing a History degree. Illinois State University history majors receive 12.9% more than the typical history grad. Illinois State University has one of the largest student bodies in Illinois.

Graduates of Illinois State University usually don't have problems paying back their student loans; just 3.0% defaulted. Due to its commitment to high academic standards and a yearly net price of $21,766, Illinois State University is an excellent bang for your buck. Get a better idea of what student life at Illinois State is really like by watching a few campus videos.

Gustavus Adolphus College is a wonderful choice for students pursuing a History degree. History majors from Gustavus Adolphus College get a earnings boost of around 6.1% over the typical income of history majors. Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will value the school's location in the little town of Saint Peter, Minnesota.

96.0% of undergraduates at this school receive educational funding, so don't forget to submit the FAFSA! Gustavus Adolphus is dedicated to helping students succeed, as evidenced by a 81.0% four-year graduate rate. Learn more to check out how well Gustavus Adolphus College ranks in other categories.

Texas Tech University is one of the finest schools in the country for History. After graduating, history students typically make an average of $43,379 at the beginning of their careers. This school is one of the largest schools in Texas.

With 84.8% of the professors working full time, students are certain to get lots of interaction with educators. Texas Tech University's student loan default rate of 6.0% is considerably below the U.S. average of 7.0%. Go deeper to see just how Texas Tech ranks in other categories.

It's hard to find a better school than Binghamton University if you want to pursue History as a major. History students from Binghamton University receive an earnings boost of about 14.4% over the average earnings of history majors. Located in Vestal, New York, Binghamton University affords a dependable, suburban experience for individuals.

Score more than 29 on the ACT? That's above the average applicant score, so you have a good chance of getting in. This school attracts the best of the best, and the average SAT score of applicants is around 1,306. If you're considering knowing more, you can view all of Binghamton University's rankings here.

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Every student pursuing a degree in History has to check out CUNY Hunter College. The location in a major city is wonderful for students seeking out considerable possibilities for social networking, adventure, and discovery.

There is a graduate program available for students who are interested. Student achievements after graduation is very important to CUNY Hunter College, with graduates typically leaving the college with debt far lower than the norm. If you are interested in learning more, you will find all of CUNY Hunter College's rankings here.

It's difficult to beat Westminster College Pennsylvania if you want to study History. Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will appreciate Westminster College Pennsylvania's location in the small town of New Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

This school is known for a low crime rate, one of the safest schools in the country. This school is an excellent value for students in Pennsylvania. Take a virtual tour to explore more about Westminster New Wilmington's campus.

SUNY Geneseo is a wonderful decision for students pursuing a History degree. Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will appreciate SUNY Geneseo's location in the small town of Geneseo, New York.

This institution has a high retention rate, with 89.0% of freshmen coming back for their second year. Worried about student debt? (We don't blame you!) this school and its $20,880 yearly net price may be a great match for you. Check out some school videos to learn more about what's happening on campus.

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