Publishing Overview

Being a publisher gives you the ability to create visually stimulating layouts. Publishers take information, shift it into a distributable form, and advertise it to the general public. They work to ensure other people's messages are read and received by others. They can do everything from editing and designing book covers to producing and selling a final product.

As a student, you will take classes in computer hardware and software, digital imaging, page layout and design, desktop publishing, graphic design, and other courses that will teach you how to layout and arrange text or images. The curriculum will also focus on businesses classes such as marketing and finance.

Required Skills

Publishing is a great major for someone who is creative and a multi-tasker. Publishers will do much of their work on computers making this a good job for those who understand and enjoy working with different types of software. Those who are successful in publishing pay close attention to detail and have excellent time management skills to ensure deadlines are kept and met. Meeting those deadlines takes a lot of hard work and can mean working overtime. Current publishers note that publishing can be hectic and, at times, can take up most of your free time.

It is recommended that those who are interested in publishing gain experience at a magazine, newspaper, website, or other publishing firm. This will teach you the basic tasks and prepare you for a career in publishing. Other opportunities to gain experience in publishing are by working with your campus' newspaper, magazine, or journal.


A major in Publishing could lead to a variety of careers. While many graduates may decide to work for a publishing house, magazine, or website, there are plenty of other jobs graduates are qualified for. These include a career in book promotions and sales, advertising, project management, and writing. Some graduates decide to pursue an advanced degree and go into the fields of law, business or education.

Careers in publishing are declining at a rate faster than the national average. As fewer newspapers, books, and magazines are being published in print, there is a decrease in the amount of publishers needed.

Graduates who majored in Publishing may expect an average starting salary of N/A and a mid-career salary of N/A.

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