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Clinical, Counseling & Applied Psychology Overview

Are you interested in helping individuals with psychological or mental health disorders? Getting your degree in Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology will teach you about the professional practice of psychology. This involves the diagnosis and treatment of individuals with disorders and behavioral pathologies.

Some of the things you will learn and discuss in your classes are growth and development, nature vs. nurture, reactions towards a specific environment, health problems and family issues. You should be deeply interested in people and comfortable working with diverse populations. Some of the courses you will take are chemistry, biology, abnormal psychology, statistics, child development, and clinical methods. This branch of psychology is focused around practical application.

You may be able to choose a concentration or specialization in this major. Some of the more common ones available are Community Psychology; Counseling Psychology; Industrial and Organizational Psychology; School Psychology; Educational Psychology; Clinical Child Psychology; Environmental Psychology; Geropsychology; Health/Medical Psychology; Family Psychology; Forensic Psychology; and Applied Psychology.

Required Skills

The study of psychology involves time spent in lecture halls, labs and libraries. Students will perform experiments and write lab reports, conduct research and prepare papers and presentations, and participate in class discussions. This requires a balanced individual who is comfortable working with numbers and science as well as interacting with people.

Your major will most likely include an internship or work study program where you will gain some real-world experience. It is important to be able to listen and respond appropriately in potentially emotional situations. Environmental awareness and attention to detail will help you understand the reactions and behavior of people.


A major in Clinical, Counseling and Applied Psychology prepares you for work in several different fields as a clinical psychologist, counselor or social worker. Most of these occupations do require an advanced degree in the field of psychology. If graduates decide not to obtain an advanced degree, their college education also prepares them for work in social work, public service, marketing, sales or any other career working with people.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Clinical, Counseling & Applied Psychology might open up.

Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists
Industrial-Organizational Psychologists
Managers, All Other
Psychologists, All Other
Psychology Teachers, Postsecondary
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