January 21, 2019

Ohio Northern University Criminal Justice & Corrections Program Is a Great Value According to 2019 Rankings

Ada, Ohio – The accredited degree program in Criminal Justice & Corrections at Ohio Northern University has been ranked as a “Best Value for the Money” in the annual nationwide ranking of U.S. colleges and universities by College Factual.

National Rankings Review

The Criminal Justice program at ONU is ranked #28 out of 387 programs at colleges and universities in the United States reviewed as “Best for the Money.” This places ONU’s Criminal Justice program in the Top 10% of all such programs in the country reviewed by College Factual for value.

ONU improved its ranking position 38 slots over the previous year’s ranking of #66.

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State Rankings Review

In addition, ONU’s Criminal Justice program ranked #3 out of 16 colleges in Ohio for value. This puts ONU in the top 15% of all schools in the state for Criminal Justice majors seeking value.

ONU improved its state ranking position 3 slots over last year’s ranking of #6.

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Superior Outcomes at ONU for Students Earning Criminal Justice Degrees

Based upon PayScale survey data*, students graduating from ONU with accredited degrees in Criminal Justice realize early-career earnings of $34,876 and mid-career earnings of $58,434.

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About This Ranking

College Factual’s Best Criminal Justice Schools for the Money Ranking takes into account the average yearly cost of the school, the average time students take to graduate, and the quality the school provides to students. This means schools who rank highly are offering a good value for the money for Criminal Justice graduates.

The Criminal Justice program at ONU has been named a best value by @CollegeFactual

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About Ohio Northern University

Ohio Northern University is located in Ada, Ohio in what is generally considered a small town setting, serving approximately 2,300 graduates.

College Factual has estimated the average yearly cost to attend ONU to be $29,764. The average student graduates in about 4.2 years, bringing the average total cost of attending ONU to $125,009.

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About College Factual

College Factual, located in Troy, New York, is the leading source of data analytics and insights on college outcomes. It provides in-depth coverage for over 2,500 colleges and universities and over 350 college majors. These insights are available to students from over 200 countries interested in pursuing accredited college degree programs in the United States.

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*Salary data is estimated by College Factual using 2013 data provided by PayScale.