Highest Paid in 2020: Nursing Graduates in Ohio

Ohio Colleges & Universities with the Highest Paid Nursing Grads

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The typical starting salary for Nursing is $53,333. Your starting salary can be higher if you decide on from the list of colleges below.

Find the Best Schools in the State When it Comes to High Pay for Nursing Grads

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Ohio University - Main Campus is among your top options if you're planning on studying Nursing. Enjoy a strong focus on Nursing inside the major at Ohio U. With over 20,000 undergraduates, this school is among the largest schools in the U.S..

Every additional year of higher education causes students to take on more debt, so Ohio U's strong 45.6% graduation rate is something to take note of. Since the usual SAT score of this school's applicants is about 1,095, the school is able to be pretty selective. Look at a few school videos for more information on what student life is like.

Cedarville University is a wonderful choice for students pursuing a Nursing degree. Experience a deep concentration on Nursing inside the program at Cedarville. Cedarville, Ohio provides a quaint small-town ambiance for students to learn in.

Cedarville's 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio is one of the best in the country. Freshmen are not required to live on-campus at Cedarville University. Go deeper and see how well Cedarville ranks in other categories.

Every student who is interested in Nursing has to check out Case Western Reserve University. Nursing majors from Case Western Reserve University receive an earnings boost of around 5.7% above the typical income of nursing graduates. Situated in Cleveland, Ohio, this institution is a good option for students who enjoy the buzz of a substantial city.

If you are considering Case Western, better hit the books. The usual SAT score of applicants is 1,385. Around 66.0% of applicants send ACT scores, with the typical score in the 32 range. Want to learn more about Case Western Reserve University's campus? Go on a virtual tour.

Mount St. Joseph University is a good decision for students pursuing a Nursing degree. This is quite a common major at Mount St. Joe, with 21.9% of undergraduates signed up for it. The area of Cincinnati, Ohio, is decent for learners who like a quieter, suburban spot.

79.0% of students at Mount St. Joseph University receive educational funding, so make sure you submit the FAFSA! About 20.1% of Mount St. Joe's campus are not Ohio residents, so, you'll have a lot of opportunities to befriend undergraduates from all over the continent. Obtain all of the essential details on Mount St. Joe by viewing their scorecard.

Any student who is interested in Nursing has to take a look at Ohio Northern University. Students who like a more relaxed life will appreciate the school's position in the not so big town of Ada, Ohio.

Because the usual SAT score of Ohio Northern University applicants is about 1,132, the school is able to be pretty selective. You may want to invest in an ACT preparation class before taking the exam because the usual ACT score is 26. Want to learn more details on Ohio Northern University's campus? Go on a virtual tour.

Any student pursuing a degree in Nursing needs to look into Hiram College. Students who enjoy a more slow-paced life will appreciate Hiram College's location in the small town of Hiram, Ohio.

Because of the school's excellent four-year graduation rate of 54.2%, college students usually accumulate much less debt than they would at other schools. Because of Hiram's superb student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1, there are plenty of possibilities for learners to work with their professors. The scorecard can give you a fantastic overview of Hiram.

Any student who is interested in Nursing has to check out Cleveland State University. Cleveland, Ohio is the perfect location for college students who enjoy the active city life.

There is a graduate program available for those who are interested. The student body at this school is extremely diverse and includes undergraduates from over 30 states and territories and at least 45 countries. Where is Cleveland State University really succeeding? Check out all of the school's rankings.

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Urbana University is one of the best schools in the U.S. for Nursing. Urbana, Ohio is situated in a peaceful, tranquil, countryside area.

Parents, you'll be glad to learn we feel Urbana University has a comparatively low crime rate. The average scholarship granted to first-year students is $12,876 with 85.0% of first-year students getting some type of scholarship. The scorecard offers a good overview of Urbana University.

It is hard to beat Ursuline College if you wish to study Nursing. We have determined that the Nursing major at Ursuline College is very focused. Positioned in Pepper Pike, Ohio, Ursuline College delivers a secure, suburban atmosphere for young people.

Is safety on campus a concern? You will be happy to know that Ursuline College is known for a low crime rate. Don't worry if you're not from Ohio, you won't feel as if you're out of place at Ursuline College. Approximately 14.0% of undergraduates come from another state. Get a better idea of what student life at Ursuline College is like by viewing some campus videos.

University of Cincinnati - Main Campus is among your best bets if you want to study Nursing. University of Cincinnati - Main Campus is among the largest schools in Ohio.

Quite a few Cincinnati students get scholarships. University of Cincinnati - Main Campus is known for the success of military students and is ranked 73 best in the country for veterans. If you're considering learning more, you can see all of University of Cincinnati - Main Campus' rankings here.

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