2018 Best Political Science & Government Schools in Oregon

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With only 417 graduates a year and 9 degree programs, Political Science & Government attracts a small number of students in Oregon.

Political Science & Government degrees in Oregon cost from $56,117 to $337,768 based on financial assistance plans and accessibility of in-state tuition.

Political Science & Government graduates have a starting salary of about $38,694 and a mid-career salary of around $75,242.  Check out the best Political Science & Government schools in the state.

Top Political Science & Government Colleges in Oregon Ranked by Quality

Next you'll find the very best colleges in Oregon for studying Political Science & Government. Our ranking methodology includes only Oregon colleges and universities and ranks them based on factors like graduate salaries, accreditation, educational quality, and more.

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Willamette University is among your best bets if you're planning on studying Political Science & Government. Soon after getting their bachelor's degree, political science students usually earn about $40,045 at the beginning of their careers. Salem, Oregon is an ideal location for students who relish the busy city life.

Willamette has a remarkable student-to-faculty ratio of 10:1, so learners should have a lot of opportunities to network with their teachers. This school does not require first-year students to live on-campus. Go on a virtual tour to explore Willamette.

University of Oregon is a great option for individuals interested in a Political Science & Government major. University of Oregon offers graduate degrees in political science for those interested in an advanced degree. Eugene, Oregon is an ideal setting for college students who appreciate the fast moving city life.

The average scholarship amount given to first years is $5,651 with 58.0% of first years receiving an award. For students who want to go on following their four-year degree, University of Oregon has grad programs available. Look at a few school videos to discover what is happening on campus.

Reed College is a good choice for students pursuing a Political Science & Government degree. Reed College political science & government majors earn 2.0% more than the typical political science student. Placed in Portland, Oregon, this college is a strong final choice for students who enjoy the thrill of a large city.

With 97.5% of the teachers working full time, students are sure to get plenty of face time with professors. There is an advanced degree program available for those who are interested. For more information, look at college scorecard.

Any student pursuing a degree in Political Science & Government needs to take a look at University of Portland. Positioned in Portland, Oregon, this school is a logical choice for students who enjoy the thrills of a substantial city.

About 53.0% of the instructors at University of Portland have full-time hours, which means they should have enough time to give attention to students in their class. University of Portland has one of the best graduation rates in the nation, with 70.6% of students completing their degree in four years. Go on a virtual tour for more information on University of Portland.

Lewis & Clark College is a good option for students pursuing a Political Science & Government degree. Graduates from the political science & government degree program at Lewis & Clark College make 7.5% above the typical college grad in this field. Portland, Oregon is an appropriate setting for young people who enjoy the fast-paced urban lifestyle.

With the diverse student body at Lewis & Clark College, you'll have lots of chances to interact with students from all backgrounds. Lewis & Clark College graduates are being successful in the world as they are way less likely to default on their student loans especially when compared to graduates from other schools. A virtual tour could be a good way to find out more about Lewis & Clark College.

Pacific University is one of the finest schools in the United States for Political Science & Government. This school is located in the suburban area of Forest Grove, Oregon, close to shops and other amusement.

For students who want to keep going after earning a undergraduate degree, this school has graduate programs available. You will be able to learn about many different nationalities because of Pacific's diverse campus. Watch some school videos to learn more about what's happening on campus.

It's hard to find a better school than Oregon State University if you wish to study Political Science & Government. Oregon State University political science & government students earn 6.9% more than the standard political science student. The setting in a significant urban center is great for scholars looking for enough chances for networking, experience, and exploration.

Oregon State University is well-known for the support of military personnel and is the 55 best in the nation for veterans. You will get a high-return on your educational investment with Oregon State University, since its net price of $22,636 is a great deal. A virtual tour could be a good way to explore Oregon State University.

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Every student who is interested in Political Science & Government has to take a look at Portland State University. Portland State University offers graduate degrees in political science for those interested in an advanced degree. Positioned in Portland, Oregon, this university is best for young people who blossom in an urban setting.

Portland State University has been rated among the best for quality of education for veterans and military personnel. Seeking to steer clear of as many student loans as you can? this school and its $21,128 yearly net price could be a good match for you. A virtual tour could be an easy way to find out more about Portland State University.

Southern Oregon University is a great decision for students pursuing a Political Science & Government degree. The locale of Ashland, Oregon, is satisfactory for individuals who desire a less busy, suburban region.

With the diverse campus at Southern Oregon University, you should have plenty of chances to meet students from all cultures. Graduates of this school usually don't have difficulties paying off their student loans; only 6.0% defaulted. Check out some school videos to explore what being on campus is like.

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