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Although initially invented by a Canadian, basketball is widely enjoyed throughout the U.S., and college basketball is followed by many. The first men's college basketball game was played in January of 1896, and the first NCAA College Basketball Division I Tournament was played in 1939. Today, the final tournament for Division I teams, known as March Madness, is avidly followed by many sports fans.

Do you have dreams of playing basketball in college? There are many college basketball teams and athletic scholarships available. However, there are even more students competing for those spots. Recruiting begins early, and student-athletes should research their options to determine what they are looking for in a college. Playing Division I basketball is the dream of many students, but competition can be very high, and the time commitment for the sport can be considerable. Playing DII or DIII basketball can be just as rewarding and challenging, and may provide more opportunities for students to focus on academics and other interests.

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