What Allen College Fin Aid Are You Eligible For?

Many college students will not be charged the complete price tag of a school. Instead, they are offered a financial aid plan that includes a combination of loans, grants, scholarships, and possibly work-study opportunities.

Read on to learn what amount of school funding could be accessible to you.

Incoming Freshmen Financial Aid Plans Unknown

Unfortunately, we can't provide you with information on freshman financial aid from Allen College, since that information is not available. This might be because the school caters to non-traditional students. If you keep scrolling, we may have some details below that applies to all undergrads.

Is it a Reduction?

Financial aid includes loans, grants, and scholarships. However, loans must be paid off, thus they aren't a genuine college discount.

What About Student Debt?

A student loan is not a genuine college discount, but rather an outcome to consider. Discover how much student loan debt from Allen College you may end up taking on.

Grants & Scholarships for Freshman Students Not Known

Information on scholarships and grant opportunities for freshmen attending Allen College is not available to us. This may be because the school does not serve typical freshmen students but concentrates on adult learners instead. If you continue reading, we may have some info below specific to all students, not just freshmen.

Scholarships, Grants... What's the Difference?

Scholarships are merit-based, while grants are need based.

Amount of Financial Aid Per Family Income

Information on grant and scholarship opportunities based on income level for Allen College students is not available to us.

$7,659 is the Average Total an Undergraduate Will Get in Grants or Scholarships

327 Allen College undergrads receive grants (this is about 96.0% of the entire student body). The usual amount these students receive is $7,659

Looking for Detail About Tuition and Fees Costs?

Check out the Tuition and Fees page or the Cost Per Credit Hour page for more info.

Financial Aid Links from Allen College

Financial Aid Department Websitewww.allencollege.edu/financial-aid.aspx
Net Price Calculatorwww.allencollege.edu/filesimages/cost-calculator/cost-calculator.htm

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