What Outcomes Can You Expect With a Degree From Berklee College of Music ?

How does Berklee College of Music compare to other colleges with respect to real results?

What Outcomes Can You Expect?

What happened to students who enrolled at this college? Find out how many graduated, how much student loan debt they're stuck with, and how much they get paid on average in their jobs. This can give you valuable insight on what the ROI might be for this school.

Graduation and Retention Rates

Of the 1,120 students that were expected to graduate on-time in 2020 , 952 remained at the school past their freshman year, 606 graduated on-time (two or four years depending on the degree) and 730 within a reasonable time (three or six years or within 150% of the on-time duration).

The vast majority of undergraduates (85.0% ) continued past their freshman year.
The majority of undergraduates ( 54.0% ) completed their degree "on-time" (within two or four years depending on the degree)
The majority of undergraduates (65.0% ) completed their degree in a reasonable time (within three or six years depending on the degree)

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Student Loan Debt

A total of 991 Berklee College of Music students entered loan repayment in 2009. After three years, 5.9% of these students ( 59 out of 991 ) defaulted on their loans.

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Pay Data

On average, graduates of Berklee College of Music earn about $26,000 in their early career. This is about $3,000 worse than might be expected given the mix of majors that are offered at Berklee College of Music .

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Return On Your Investment

Want to find out how to make $908,000 ?

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Additional Questions to Ask

  • Interested in graduate school? How many students from this college go on to achieve additional degrees?
  • Will a degree from this school land you a job? How many graduates were employed full time a year after graduating?
  • Averages may not tell you what is specific to your situation. Are you taking on above average amounts of debt for a degree that will pay you a below average salary?

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