The Cascadia College Student to Faculty Ratio & Faculty Composition

Does Cascadia College have a good student to faculty ratio?

Check out the information on class structures and faculty to get a feel for the academic life at Cascadia College .

Average Teacher to Student Ratio

Student to faculty ratio at Cascadia College is on par with the national average of 15 students for every one instructional faculty member, at 16 :1. This ratio is a standard metric used to gauge the number of teaching resources a school provides for its students.

Breakdown of Instructional Staff

The following table shows all the employees the school considers instructional, and therefore, part of the above student-to-faculty ratio. These include both those employees designated as either "primarily instructional" or as "instructional combined with research/public service". It does not include employees that have been identified by Cascadia College as primarily performing research or public service.

TotalFull TimePart TimePercent Full Time
Total of Instructional Employees144489633.3%
  Total of Those With Faculty Status144489633.3%
    Tenured Faculty4343-100.0%
    On Tenure Track33-100.0%
    Not on Tenure Track982962.0%
  Without Faculty Status----
  Graduate Assistants----

Above Average Use of Part-Time Teachers

33.0% of the teaching staff are full time at Cascadia College , which places this college below average in its use of full-time teachers when compared to a nationwide average.

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