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Find Out the Total Chipola College Costs

How much does it cost to go to Chipola College?

On this page you'll get a better understanding of what college costs you'll actually have to pay out of pocket, which can vary widely based on where you live and your income level.

Why is Net Price Important?

Few students will pay the full advertised sticker price of Chipola College. The Net Price is an estimate of how much the average student actually pays to attend college for one year.

To calculate this number we take the total cost of attendance of Chipola College including tuition, fees, room, board and other expenses. Then we subtract out the average amount of aid awarded per student.

What is the Average Net Price for All Chipola College Undergrads?

The average student will pay a total net price of $8,644.

Two important factors that affect the net price you will pay to attend Chipola College are where you will be living, either on-campus or off, and whether or not you will be receiving any grants or scholarships.

$8,644 is the average net price across all students. Your price may differ depending on your family income level.

The average net price of $8,644 is based on estimates from 2020. This number represents the overall average net price of all in-state undergraduate students, including those that did not receive any financial aid.

Average Net Price for First Year Students

11% of freshman students paid in-state tuition. Of these in-state students, 588% received an average of $5,406 in grants and scholarships. This resulted in an average annual net price of $6,009 for on-campus students.

The following table explores the likelihood that you too will receive some common price-reducing aid, based on percentages.

Net Price by Aid GroupOn CampusOff CampusAt Home
367 Total Freshmen
91 (25%) did not receive any grants or scholarships.$17,245$19,486$14,098
276 (75%) split a total of $1,532,904 for an average of $5,554 each$11,691$13,932$8,544
42 In-State Students
247 (588%) split a total of $1,335,282 for an average of $5,406 each$6,009$8,250$2,862

The above refers to grants and scholarships from the college and/or the state, federal or local governments. Other sources of grant aid such as private scholarships are not included.

Net College Cost Based on Income Level

Family income can have a large impact on the amount of aid you receive, and thus, your net price.

The table below shows the average net price freshmen paid based on income level. Note that if the school offers in-state tuition, the lower in-state tuition has been used in the calculation.

Net Price by Family Income LevelIn-State Net Price
110k +N/A

The above table only includes the calculated net price for students that received some form of Title IV aid.

What is Title IV?

Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 establishes general rules that apply to the student financial assistance programs covering grants and loans.

How Much are Prices Increasing for Freshmen?

Over a period of six years, the average net price paid by all freshmen at Chipola College has increased by an average of 1.9% per year.

Net Price Trends at Chipola College

Low Net Price for Students Receiving Aid

An overall average net price of $5,861 puts Chipola College well below the national average of $20,398.

Financial Aid Packages Vary From Year to Year

Many schools offer more aid to first year students (freshmen) than they do to other undergraduates. Is that the case with this school?

Net Price Comparisons at Chipola College

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