The Duke University Student to Faculty Ratio & Faculty Composition

Does Duke University have a good student to faculty ratio?

Use the student to faculty ratio, as well as the faculty composition to get an idea of how much attention you'll receive as an individual student at Duke University .

Student to Faculty Ratio is Well Above Average

Student to faculty ratio is a common metric used to gauge the number of teaching resources a school provides for its students. With 6 students for every one instructional faculty member, Duke University ranks among the best colleges when compared to the national average of 15.

Instructional Staff at the College

The following table shows all the employees the school considers instructional, and therefore, part of the above student-to-faculty ratio. These include both those employees designated as either "primarily instructional" or as "instructional combined with research/public service". It does not include employees that have been identified by Duke University as primarily performing research or public service.

TotalFull TimePart TimePercent Full Time
Total of Instructional Employees1,5561,42712991.7%
  Total of Those With Faculty Status1,5561,42712991.7%
    Tenured Faculty726724299.7%
    On Tenure Track133133-100.0%
    Not on Tenure Track69757012781.8%
  Without Faculty Status----
  Graduate Assistants563-563-

This School is Seriously Committed to Hiring Full-Time Teachers

Duke University's utilization of full-time teaching staff ranks among the highest in the nation, with 92.0% of instructors employed full time.

Any Questions?

  • High Number of Non-Instructional Staff: This college lists less than 20% of its employees as instructional which could merely be the way the school reports their numbers, or, it could indicate an unusually high number of faculty has various duties, with only a few focused primarily on instruction.

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