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Can You Afford Western Governors University?

Concerned about paying for college? Take a look at Western Governors University’s financial aid options, including grants, scholarships, and student loans, then calculate the net price based on your income level to determine if you can afford to attend this school.

2020 - 2021 Costs Between $9,004 and $13,870

Feeling a little stressed about paying $13,870 to attend Western Governors University each year? This number can be deceiving, and for many, the net price you pay will be less.

While there is no tuition reduction for Utah students, 42.7% of freshmen receive some form of financial aid, with the average amount totaling $5,369. Students from low-income families receive an average of $4,866 in aid during their first year.

Cost (no aid)

Tuition and fees$6,670
+ Room and board$6,000
+ Other expenses$1,200
Total cost$13,870
Affordability Score (98 out of 100)
more expensive
less expensive

Net Price (with average aid)

Total cost$13,870
- Grants and scholarships$5,369
Net price$8,501
Affordability Score (97 out of 100)
more expensive
less expensive

Average Net Price for Low Income Undergraduates

Total cost$13,870
- Grants and scholarships$4,866
Net price$9,004
Affordability Score (94 out of 100)
more expensive
less expensive

Learn more about tuition and fees, room, board and other expenses, and financial aid options at Western Governors University.

Projected Costs Between $34,603 and $79,293 For a Four Year Degree. Between $17,215 and $38,308 For a Two Year Degree.

Looking at the total projected cost of a college education over the course of two / four (or more) years can feel a little overwhelming. However, doing so will help better prepare you for the financial commitment you are making.

The overall cost for on-campus students to attend Western Governors University in 2020 - 2021 was $13,870. To calculate future costs, we looked at the prior five years of data and determined that this cost remained constant. If this trend continues, we expect the full cost for incoming freshmen to be $13,870 during their first year. By their senior year, that cost will be approximately $13,870 for a bachelor degree candidate ($13,870 for an associate degree candidate) for a total of $55,480 over the course of four years ($27,740 over the course of two years). These numbers do not take into consideration financial aid, which reduces this overall cost by varying amounts per student.

Remember, the full costs quoted above are not what most students will pay, and the net price varies quite a bit based on individual circumstances.

Average Net Price at Western Governors University

Cost With Interest

The tables below outlines how the overall degree net cost can vary depending on your situation. This table also highlights the impact student loans can have on the overall cost of college.

Projected 2-Year Net CostsLow Income w/ Aidw/ Average AidNo Aid
Annual growth rate*0.5%0.0%
Freshman year$11,683$8,586$13,870
Senior year$13,308$8,629$13,870
Total 2-year net price$24,991$17,215$27,740
10-year loan interest @ 6.8%$9,521$6,558$10,568
Total monthly payment$288$198$319
Total amount paid$34,512$23,774$38,308
Projected 4-Year Net CostsLow Income w/ Aidw/ Average AidNo Aid
Annual growth rate*0.5%0.0%
Freshman year$11,683$8,586$13,870
Senior year$17,268$8,716$13,870
Total 4-year net price$57,419$34,603$55,480
10-year loan interest @ 6.8%$21,874$13,183$21,136
Total monthly payment$661$398$638
Total amount paid$79,293$47,786$76,616

Visit net price and financial aid to learn more about the total cost of attending Western Governors University.

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