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Construction Management Overview

Do you love building things? Do you have a vision for the big picture and the ability to manage all the parts that make your vision a reality? Construction Management may be a field of interest to you.

Constructing a building takes planning, specialized knowledge and skills in management. Many things can go wrong, and many unplanned complications can occur. This is what makes Construction Managers so essential. They handle everything, from managing the crew, reading blueprints, and meeting deadlines. Students who pursue a major in Construction Management will learn how to schedule, supervise, and budget various projects.

While focusing on this major you will be taking classes in architecture, civil engineering, blueprint reading, real estate, and engineering technology. The major is available as either an Associates of a Bachelor's degree. Students with prior work experience may only need to obtain their Associates, however Bachelor's degrees tend to lend themselves to higher paying positions with more responsibility.

Required Skills

Construction Management can be a very exciting field, as every project consists of building something new. Mathematical and Scientific skills are needed in order to be successful within this field. You will be working with budgets, time estimations and multiple schedules; keeping everything going requires time management and the ability to multitask.

Prior work experience is highly regarded in this field. You may wish to find a part time job doing construction to get hands-on experience in the field. You can also seek internships while in college in order to gain experience and better understanding of construction.


A degree in Construction Management can lead to many different career options. One quickly growing job field is that of a Construction and Building Inspector. In this job you will make sure that all construction, repairs and changes to locations are legal and comply with codes. The demand for these inspectors is projected to increase faster than average within the next ten years.

Some graduates are interested in pursuing work as Drafter, converting designs made by engineers and architects into technical drawings and plans. However, the demand for these professionals is not as high, and is growing slower than average. Other options include becoming construction managers, electricians, architects, and property managers.

Construction Manager graduates report an average starting salary of $49,244 and a mid-career salary of $83,338. However, this may differ depending on where you find work and if you have an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree.

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