Highest Paid in 2020: Journalism Graduates in Michigan

Michigan Colleges & Universities with the Highest Paid Journalism Grads

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Typically, a Journalism starting salary is $34,766 per year. This tends to improve should you decide on a school with the highest paid graduates.

Find the Best Schools in the State When it Comes to High Pay for Journalism Grads

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Western Michigan University is among your top options if you're planning on studying Journalism. Students from the Journalism major at Western Michigan University get 5.9% more than the standard graduate with the same degree. The surrounding area of a large city is great for young people trying to find adequate options for social networking, excitement, and exploration.

This school is a great value for students in Michigan. Don't be concerned about affording Western Michigan University; 60.0% of their undergraduates get some form of financial aid. Go on a virtual tour to learn more about WMU.

Michigan State University is a wonderful decision for students pursuing a Journalism degree. After graduation, Journalism students usually earn an average of $35,960 in their early careers. Located in East Lansing, Michigan, this university is ideal for learners who blossom in an urban atmosphere.

Freshman students are not required to live on-campus at Michigan State University. Study hard for your SAT; the typical score of applicants to Michigan State is 1,125. Check out some school videos to explore what's happening on campus.

It's difficult to beat Madonna University if you wish to study Journalism. Based in Livonia, Michigan, this institution is a very good option for students who enjoy the joy of a major city.

This school is well-known for its support of military personnel and is the 583 best in the United States for veterans. In addition to this school being one top ranked schools in Michigan, 1.8% of its undergrads are from out-of-state. Go deeper and see just how well Madonna ranks in other categories.

Oakland University is a good decision for individuals interested in a Journalism major. The specific location of Rochester Hills, Michigan, is nice for college students who favor a quieter, suburban area.

Rated #17 in Michigan for value for the money, we might have estimated this university's terrific instructional programs to come with a larger price tag. Parents, you'll be glad to learn Oakland University features a relatively low crime rate. The scorecard provides a fantastic overview of Oakland University.

Any student pursuing a degree in Journalism needs to look into Central Michigan University. With more than 20,000 students, this institution is one of the largest schools in the nation.

Graded #6 in Michigan for overall value, we might have predicted this university's superb educational programs to come with a larger price tag. Around 64.8% of the teachers at this school are full-time and have regular office hours, so they will be more available to help. Get an idea of what campus life at Central Michigan is really like by watching a few campus videos.

It's hard to find a better school than Grand Valley State University if you want to study Journalism. With more than 20,000 undergraduates, this institution is one of the largest schools in the nation.

Because of a dedication to superior academic standards and a yearly net price of $21,124, Grand Valley State University is an excellent value for your money. Student success after graduation is essential to Grand Valley State University, and graduates usually leave the university with total debt much lower than the national average. Take a virtual tour to learn more about GVSU's campus.

Any student who is interested in Journalism has to take a look at Eastern Michigan University. With more than 20,000 students, this institution is one of the biggest schools in the U.S..

This institution works with its students to insure they take on as little student debt as possible. Students usually leave the university with only $24,672 in student loans. At least 56.0% of the instructors at Eastern Michigan have full-time hours, so they have ample time to give attention to their students. Ever wish you had an effective way to find out a school's grades in each subject? Now you do. Have a look at Eastern Michigan University's scorecard.

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Wayne State University is a good option for students pursuing a Journalism degree. With more than 20,000 students, Wayne State University is one of the largest schools in the nation.

You'll get a high-return on your education investment with Wayne State University, considering its net price of $22,170 is an excellent value. Due to the diverse campus at Wayne State, you will have a lot of opportunities to meet students from all backgrounds. For more information, look at college scorecard.

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