Highest Paid in 2019: Journalism Graduates in District of Columbia

District of Columbia Colleges & Universities with the Highest Paid Journalism Grads

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Typically, a Journalism starting salary is $34,766 per year. This tends to improve should you decide on a school with the highest paid graduates.

Find the Best Schools in the State When it Comes to High Pay for Journalism Grads

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George Washington University is a good option for students pursuing a Journalism degree. George Washington University journalism students earn 27.2% more than the standard journalism graduate. With more than 20,000 students, George Washington University is one of the largest schools in the nation.

You might want to commit to an ACT prep course prior to taking the exam because the average ACT score is 30. Students from outside the U.S. constitute 15.5% of the campus at George Washington University. If you're considering knowing more, you can view every one of George Washington University's rankings here.

Every student who is interested in Journalism needs to look into Howard University. Howard University journalism students earn 17.0% more than the typical journalism student. The setting in a significant urban center is great for scholars trying to find adequate chances for social networking, experience, and exploration.

Roughly 90.9% of the professors at this school are full-time and get normal office hours, so they should be more accessible to students. This school is an excellent bang for the buck for students in District of Columbia. If you're considering knowing more, you will find all of Howard University's rankings here.

American University is a great choice for students pursuing a Journalism degree. American University journalism majors earn 12.9% more than the typical journalism graduate. Washington, District of Columbia is the perfect environment for learners who relish the fast-paced urban lifestyle.

The American University's 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio is one of the top in the country. Around 90.0% of freshmen return to American University for their next year. Videos from The American University can be a great way to learn more about university.

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