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Computer Programming Overview

Computer Programmers are able to design and build their own computer programs. Majoring in this exciting field will allow you to learn how computer programs work, and how you can expand upon them or create one of your own. Students take classes in database design, Java programming, web programming, mathematics, and business communications among others to learn all about what's behind programs and operating systems.

While students may decide to focus on Computer Programming in general, schools offer specializations in areas, such as Computer Programming of Specific Applications and Computer Programming, Vendor/Product Certification.

Required Skills

Those who are interested in Computer Programming often have a background in computers and mathematics. They also have strong analytical skills and pay close attention to detail. Since you will be creating programs and working to fix any bugs in computer systems, it is important that you have good concentration while working with long lines of code and troubleshooting to detect and fix any errors. Computer programs can take a long time to perfect. You will need the ability to work on the computer and deal with code for extended hours.

Many computer programmers work the typical workweek in an office or out of their home. While they may work as part of a team for large projects, most jobs are independent. Since code can be worked on and written anywhere, many computer programmers live in a different location than where they work. This opens up the possibility of working for any company in the world without having to move locations.

An internship and previous experience are not necessary in this field, but would be beneficial to students. This hands-on experience will teach students about working with code and developing software. Students will learn to work with programs and troubleshoot issues with the assistance of a professional.


A large majority of Computer Programming graduates work for either software developers or as part of businesses or corporations. This degree equips graduates with the skills to work in any environment that relies on computers or programs.

Although this career is increasing at an average rate, graduates may have a difficult time finding jobs in the US. Since computer programming can be done from any location, many corporations are hiring from other countries where they are able to pay lower wages.

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Example Careers

Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Computer Programming might open up.

Computer Network Support Specialists
Computer Programmers
Computer Science Teachers, Postsecondary
Software Developers, Applications
Software Developers, Systems Software
Web Developers
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