Data Entry Overview

Do you enjoy making spreadsheets? How about working with information in databases? A career in Data Entry / Microcomputer Applications might be the thing for you.

Classes will prepare students for a career in basic data and text entry through the use of specialized programs and software often found in the office setting. Classes include computer hardware, keyboarding, computer troubleshooting, and personal computer operation. These classes teach students how to maintaining and updating data sources.

Students have the option to major in General Data Entry for Microcomputer Applications or can specialize in areas, such as Word Processing. This program is often offered as an Associates, but is available as a Bachelors degree as well.

Required Skills

Those who go into Data Entry often are able to retain information and pay close attention to detail. As you transcribe information into spreadsheets, word documents, or databases, it is important that the information is correctly transferred. Successful professionals also have a background in applications such as Microsoft Office.

Jobs in Data Entry are often full time positions with a typical 40-hour workweek. Professionals may work in an office setting or have the option to work from home. Internships and summer jobs will give students experience in this field, but are not necessary for a successful career.


Graduates with a degree in Data Entry often work in offices compiling different types of data. Common data entry jobs are in law and medical offices. Graduates have also found jobs in offices updating databases or maintaining spreadsheets. With the advancements in technology, jobs within data entry are decreasing at an average rate. This may make finding a job difficult for graduates.

Graduates with a degree in Data Entry can expect an average starting salary of N/A with a mid-career salary of N/A.

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