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Computer & Information Sciences (Other) Overview

Interested in a career in Computer and Information sciences? You have a variety of options available to you.

While a degree in Computer and Information Science is available, there are more specific majors, such as Game Programming or even Implementation and Analysis of Algorithms some students choose to pursue. As a game programmer, you will be able to develop the graphics, create the program, and test new games for computers or gamming systems while a degree in Implementation and Analysis of Algorithms will prepare you for a career in system and program development and operation.

No matter what major you decide to declare, many classes will be similar. You can expect to take classes in areas such as mathematics, statistics, software, computer networking, graphics, databases, computer science, and information technology. Once you declare a major, you will take classes more specific to your concentration. Some specializations are only available at select colleges.

Required Skills

A strong background in mathematics along with knowledge of computer programs and networks will prepare students for any type of career within the Computer and Information Sciences field. In order to create new games or solve problems, strong analysis and critical thinking skills are a must. The ability to work in a team and manage multiple projects will also allow professionals to excel.

Those who work in Computer and Information Sciences often work fulltime in an office setting. Depending on the occupation, some professionals must work late or on weekends to finish projects or solve any problems with a network to help maintain normal business operations.

An internship or summer job is recommended, especially to those only pursuing an associate's degree, because it will give students the relevant experience employers are looking for. An internship or job gives students the ability to work hands-on and learn more about the field. Students going into areas such as game programming will also have the ability to build a professional portfolio.


With an increase Computer and Information Sciences careers, graduates within this field have a wide variety of career options. The field is growing at a faster than average rate creating many new jobs. An associate's degree supplemented with relevant experience or a bachelor's degree in computer technology will give graduates excellent prospects after graduation.

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