Drafting & Design Engineering Technology
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Drafting & Design Engineering Technology Overview

The planning process that goes into constructing a building is more extensive than we might assume. There are many hours of work and last-minute changes that take place before the actual blueprints are approved. If you would like to have a hand in crafting designs for buildings and projects, Drafting and Design Technology could be the major for you.

The study of Drafting and Design Technology teaches students the creative drawing, planning, and computer modeling that is used to construct a building or manufacture a product. Students won't only learn how to create plan for buildings, they also have the potential to learn how to draft dams, aircrafts, and machinery. Learning includes instruction in manufacturing materials and processes, drafting calculations, manufacturing circuitry, blueprint reading, and technical communication. While learning these new skills you will be taking classes in Architectural drafting, Construction materials, Product design, and Engineering Design graphics.

There are different concentrations within this major. A few of these concentrations include, CAD/CADD Drafting and Design Technology, Architectural Drafting, Civil Drafting, and Mechanical Drafting. This major is commonly offered as an Associate's degree, however can also be offered a Bachelors degree.

Required Skills

Students who have strong mathematic and scientific skill are commonly successful within this major, as this makes up the basis for the major. It is important for students pay close attention to detail. While designing and drafting one small error can cause major concerns, therefore detail and the ability to concentrate for long periods of time is significant. The ability to take criticism and work in teams is a large part of this field, as well.

Students who are interested in this major should take prior classes in Computer/graphic arts, Geometry, Physics, and Industrial Art if available. The courses will help prepare students for the future course work they will be studying.


If you are interested in pursuing Drafting and Design Technology, you can expect a career as an electrical drafter, civil drafter, process piping or pipeline drafter, aeronautical drafter, or mechanical drafter. All these drafters work with different structures. For example an Aeronautical drafter designs aircrafts and missile parts. A civil drafter will design bridges, highways, and other structures. While the job outlook for these drafters has only projected an increase of six percent for the next ten years, the demand is still important to keep up with innovations.

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Architectural and Civil Drafters
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Electrical and Electronics Drafters
Mechanical Drafters
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