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Family & Consumer Economics Overview

Delve into the fascinating exploration of the policies and processes that contribute to successful individual or family management. A major in Family and Consumer Economics will allow you to study the science of family life as well as microeconomics, macroeconomics and how the economy affects the consumer. You will also study financial goal setting, debt management and how to prevent and resolve financial difficulties. The goal of the major is to improve the experiences of the consumer by learning about sales and resource management at all levels. You will also learn how consumers are influenced by marketing and the consequences of advertising deception.

Some courses that you may take while studying include: consumer behavior, price theory, advanced mathematics, economic forecasting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, indexing, and commodities analysis.

Concentrations within this major include Family Resource Management, Consumer Economics, and Consumer Services and Advocacy.

Required Skills

To be successful in this major you should feel comfortable taking the leadership role. You will be the guiding factor in the lives of many people by empowering consumers to make good economic decisions. Patience and empathy are valuable traits as you work with individuals and families to help understand their spending behaviors and family finances.

Be prepared to take multiple classes in math, economics, social sciences, public policy, and computer technology. You will be applying the knowledge you've gained in your classes to consumers through social sciences and public policy. You should be able to effectively communicate and work with people from diverse backgrounds.


Graduates will have a broad education they can use in a variety of fields. Those who are able to analyze and communicate consumer issues are valuable to many employers. There is always a need for consumer affairs in all different areas like business, government, and social services. Some graduates also go into financial planning and counseling. Additional career opportunities could be in consumer education, consumer affairs, marketing, or even media. You may also work solely in family financial management and work with social service agencies.

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Farm and Home Management Advisors
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