Practical Nursing & Nursing Assistants
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Practical Nursing & Nursing Assistants Overview

If you are interested in helping to provide medical care to others, consider majoring in Practical Nursing and Nursing Assistants.

A Nurse Assistant works under the direction of registered nurses proving basic care, monitoring patients, and reporting progress to doctors. You will take classes in clinical nursing, pharmacology, biology, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and chemistry to learn how to teach others how to care for family members, assist in childbirth, and collect medical samples.

Students interested in this field typically major in Licensed Practical Nurse Training, or Nursing Assistant.

Required Skills

Practical Nursing and Nursing Assistant graduates are responsible for providing day-to-day care to patients, making strong interpersonal skills a necessity. You should enjoy working with others, but have compassion and consideration for patients who are sick and injured. It is also important to be detail oriented because you will be responsible for observing changes in patients and reporting back to registered nurses or doctors.

Graduates in this field work full time in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical centers that require basic health services. Since patients need medical care 24/7, Practical Nursing and Nursing Assistants will be required to work nights and on weekends and holidays. Sometimes shifts may be longer than a standard 8-hour workday.

In order to become a Practical Nurse and Nursing Assistant, students must complete a certification program, and then become licensed by the state. Although some schools offer a bachelor's degree program, it is not necessary.


Practical Nursing and Nursing Assistants work in a variety of medical locations from hospitals to nursing homes to extended care facilities. T hey are responsible for checking vitals, changing bandages, and providing basic medical care to patients. With the aging population and increasing demand for medical services, this occupation is growing at a faster than average rate. Certified and licensed students should find good job opportunities after graduation.

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Here is a small sample of the careers that a degree in Practical Nursing & Nursing Assistants might open up.

Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses
Nursing Assistants
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