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Liberal Arts General Studies Overview

For the student who has a broad interest in many different areas, a major in Liberal Arts and General Studies may be for you.

This major will not put you on a specific career track; rather you will become skilled in many different areas such as reading, writing, research and critical thinking. You will build a broad education base and will learn skills that will become accessible in any career. Students may be able to choose a concentration where they can delve into a particular subject that interests them. Examples of this would include the humanities, natural sciences, or the social sciences.

Some courses you may take with this major include: biology, biological concepts, foreign language, English literature, environmental science, social and political movements, music history, mathematics, art, introduction to theater, fundamentals of economics, psychology, and religion.

Required Skills

This is a very interdisciplinary subject. You will be asked to be self-disciplined and work hard to accomplish all of your assignments. Not only will you be engaging in various subjects at the same time, but you will also make connections between different subjects. Curiosity and an open mind are critical as you will regularly delve into new content. By experiencing an abundance of courses you will determine what you enjoy and shape your focus.

It is also important that you are able to work with people. You will be asked to participate in class discussions and work with your peers for group projects. This will let you to gain different perspectives and will also sharpen your oral communication skills. Reading and writing skills will also be improved. You should be ready to do a lot of reading and write a lot of research papers and response journals.


With a degree in Liberal Arts and General Studies your career opportunities will seem endless. You will learn many important skills while in school that can transfer to just about any career. One option is to go to graduate school to obtain a Master's in business, law or education. You can also go right into the work force and work in advertising, business, marketing, project management, journalism, or public relations.

The career opportunities are vast. Salary will depend greatly upon what career you choose and how much effort you are willing to put in as an undergrad developing your skills.

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